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Hey, hey, the 60's came back a little bit early, if I was living throughout the 60's, this is what I would look like throughout the hole month of Halloween :)

Dedication day, this photo is dedicated to my good friend Jim (Wildspirit)

Happy dedication day :)

October Halloween fall fashion

Tuesday October 18, 2011
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 18 2011 22:51 GMT wijnie58
Great picture.....!!!
Oct 18 2011 22:55 GMT fashionmonster94
Thank you :)
Oct 19 2011 07:24 GMT sini
Nice with the shadow and colour!:)
Oct 19 2011 08:57 GMT MargNZ
Some of us remember the 60's .... this is great :)
Oct 19 2011 12:35 GMT clintonfolks
long live the 60s.. well done .!!!
Oct 19 2011 21:18 GMT fashionmonster94
Thanks Sini :)
Oct 19 2011 21:19 GMT fashionmonster94
Even though I wasn't born then, I make sure I get it right when I watch my movies from the 60's :)
Oct 19 2011 21:19 GMT fashionmonster94
Long live the 60's is right, thansk for the comment :)
Oct 22 2011 02:23 GMT Monsterman27
Oh Clinton thanks so much, I've worked so hard for this!
Oct 22 2011 02:40 GMT fashionmonster94
You know, your boring, nobody pays attention to you, why do you waste your time here? You need an exorcism or baptism or something, cause your psycho....
Oct 22 2011 06:52 GMT Monsterman27
Thank you for the comments everyone! I have worked very hard to become what I am today!!!
Oct 22 2011 14:41 GMT fashionmonster94
Gosh, it's so sad to see that someone who has no life and so annoying and sick that someone like you is pretending to be me, it's so fucking annoying already, you seriously have no life what so ever, all you do is sit your fat lazy ass pretending to be someone else your not, you sit there calling me a tranny when you say your the real monster, so the real question here is if your really fashionmonster, are you the tranny? Or your just a fake I'd go with the 2nd one cause you are a fake. So stop trying to be me cause your not impressing no one, not even me, and if you really want to be a tranny and do what I do, then watch what you type first cause no one believed your low life scum bag since day one!