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"I know we are eating out after the showcase, but I whipped us something before work so we don't walk on an empty stomach" It was February 27, 2013, and the last day of the showcase audition to see who entered next years competition. Katherine was auditioning again for the show, she withdrew herself out of the recent competition after her attacker brutally beat her, but she recovered after 6 weeks. Everything was fine until 3 of the girls Katherine rode with to the showcase suddenly felt ill, all 3 collapsed and, one fell off the runway the other 2 fell right on the runway, no one knew what was going on! Doctors immediately ran on the stage, couldn't do anything about the girls, foam dripped out of their mouth and eyes rolled backs. All 3 girls died at the scene and were covered up with sheets and taken away on the Gurney. Katherine was no were to be found after her turned was called onto the stage, thats when the girls collapsed.

ATTENTION: I KNOW YOUR PROBABLY ALL WONDERING WHAT IS GOING ON RIGHT NOW, AND NO ONE LEAVES UNTIL THEY HEAR WHAT I HAVE TO SAY!!! *LAUGHTER* My name is Katherine Loomis, I am the Mystery Killer everyone has been looking for, I killed all 14 girls, the reason why I did it was so none of the girls couldn't get above me in winning this competition, I should've been Queen, Stacy didn't deserve that Crown!!! That Bitch was a Slut, she Fucked my brother, she practically slept with the hole town, and the fact that I even killed my own Blood brother Paul, was the sickest YET!!! She's the reason my Mother left my mother and hanged herself in her closet, I'm too good for jail, and its time for me to be with my Mother.

My job here is done, I got my Revenge and its time for me to go, Katherine pulled out a Gun from her coat pocket, and she proceeded in front of the audience as she shot herself in the head!!! The audience screamed in horror, shocked but relieved to the ending of this killing spree, no one would understand why she did this, just a year ago, Katherine was at the top of everyone's friend list, well liked, hard worker, until she became a Psycho! And that is the end of this Chapter of Killer Fashion (THE LAST AND FINAL PHOTO).

Thank you for watching for the past 5 months my FT friends, as I am done with this site for good, basically for Fashion, as the site continues to die and raided with spammers, as my love with this site won't vanish, but my fashion Photos will, as you can find me on Facebook and other sites I mentioned in the Forums, I will return with my next album in a few years, but for now, I'm really taking a break this time.

This album is inspired by women who become Killers, even though the Crime rates for Murders are men, their are Women Killers out their too, even women who hire men for killing are still Killers! If you don't believe me, What about that Woman, Yolanda Saldivar who killed the young and famous Selena Quintnilla Perez after Yolanda was accused of Embezzlement when she was in charge of Selena's boutique, and when fans would send their money in for Selena Merchandise, the fans complained about not receiving any merchandise back, and the day of March 31,1995 Selena was shot in the back of her shoulder and died at the hospital from loss of blood, she died at the age 23, and would have been 24 in just 2 weeks. Not only is this album inspired by female killers, but also inspired by famous who died at a young age

1.Marilyn Monroe
2.Jean Harlow
3.Natalie Wood
5.Bennett Ramsey
6.Amy Winehouse
7.Anna Nicole Smith

And the list goes on, I'd like to Thank you guys one more time for being here through the years, and my Fashion leaves this site, but my most memorable moments in Fashion and editing won't be forgotten. I hope everyone does well, and I will catch you guys elsewhere :)


Friday October 25, 2013
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 26 2013 21:08 GMT annieann PRO
beautiful so sorry your leaving
Oct 27 2013 08:25 GMT fashionmonster94
Thanks, its for the best, just remember I'll still be posting, but only about my important life events