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Lady Gaga recently spoke at a ralley in Portland, and took aim at John McCain and like minided po...


Lady Gaga recently spoke at a ralley in Portland, and took aim at John McCain and like minided politicians for there support of the policy.
Gaga started her speech by reciting the Oath of Enlistment, but tacked on her own bit.......unless there is a gay soldier in my unit''.....sir''.

She went on to compare McCain to the men who murdered Matthew Sheperd, then claimed homophobia as a defense.
Doesnt it seem to be that, Don't ask don't tell is backwards?
doesnt it seem like we're penalizing the wrong soldier? We should send home the straight soldier who hates the gay soldier.

Gaga said, I am here today because I would like to propose a new law- a law that sends home the soldier that has the problem. Are new law is called....... If you don't like it, GO HOME......' It sends home the soldiers that fights for some freedoms and some equality, but not for the gays.
At the end of her speech Gaga named the three undecided senetors who could determine the outcome of the repeal.
To the senate, to the americans, to senetor olympia Snowe and Susan Collins, both from Maine and to senetor Scott Browns of Massachusetts, equality is the prime rib of america. Equality is the prime rib as what we stand for as a nation. The last thing she said before she walked off..... if the soldiers dont support dont ask, dont tell GO HOME..... Please comment!

Feel free to watch this 18 minute video if you have any concerns!
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 23 2010 11:29 GMT hamz
GREAT SHOTS////////////////
Sep 23 2010 20:09 GMT fashionmonster94
Thank you very much for commenting :)
Sep 23 2010 20:22 GMT SunnyRea
I lady gaga!! she is awesome!
Sep 23 2010 20:23 GMT fashionmonster94
Thank you, she is very inspirational I watched this video about those program called she don't ask, don't tell she recently spoke at, and it was a very moving speech I love her :)