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Just dropped by to say I haven't seen most of ym FT friends in a while, I have been really busy this summer, traveling and job searching, and finally got a job and start Monday. I haven't been able to do much except post my pictures and respond to people who comment on here.

And I know there has been some crazy Kaos going on the the forums, why don't we all try to kick it down a noch, and just ignore the spammers, because obviously they don't know art when it looks right at them in the face, and Hunju this is especially for you, just ignore Mr.Nasty, he just post random worthless pictures, I learned how to ignore MonsterMan, I'm pretty sure he'll make his rounds again, but he'll leave again and he'll get bored.

Just put a smile on your face just like me, and ignore people, I learn how to ignore people now that I'm 18, and I really have changed a lot in such a short amount of time after what happened last year, I learn just to move on from it, so why can't everyone one else :)

Saturday August 4, 2012
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 04 2012 19:43 GMT fashionmonster94
Thank you :D
Aug 04 2012 21:00 GMT ForestSpirit
Cool portrait and wise words! Good luck with your job!
Aug 04 2012 21:01 GMT fashionmonster94
Thank you Forest, will keep in touch with everyone :)
Aug 04 2012 21:07 GMT julie13
I couldn't agree more, I think it is rotten what has been happening to Hunju, I like his pics, always a smiling face in them. Good luck for Monday :)
Aug 04 2012 21:08 GMT fashionmonster94
Thanks Julie, and yes it is a shame, but don't worry I have everyone's back when it comes down to serious business!
Aug 05 2012 08:57 GMT wijnie58
WOW I agree with Julie and Sylvia....Always smilling....Well done and
good look for tomorrow....:-))
Aug 05 2012 18:40 GMT fashionmonster94
Thank you :)