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Photo #14

Did you hear about the Mars space rover coming back to earth, well after it was launced last night, I made my appearnace on Mars to introduce myself to more species of aliens, and this was my appearance outfit.

A little side note, to all my FT friends, I am starting my first job on Monday at Pei Wei's Asian Diner, if you eaten their before, then you've probably heard of it. My pictures will be randomly posted twice a week but will still finish at the same date Friday October 12, 2012

Friday August 3, 3,000
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 03 2012 22:00 GMT julie13
Very artistic work and I hope the new job goes great. I just hope those customers appreciate that they are being served a famous photographer :)
Aug 03 2012 22:01 GMT fashionmonster94
Haha thanks Julie, and when I was interviewed by the manager, he alos told me that he was a photographer too, so I'm pretty sure he is going to love my work :)
Aug 03 2012 22:49 GMT twsottawan PRO
So Earth attacks Mars then there's a masque to celebrate the victory. Might make an interesting movie script. Aliens can look like real odd jobs so a face covering might be a good idea untill everyone gets to know each other.
Aug 03 2012 22:52 GMT fashionmonster94
Thanks, you know me, always coming up with the craziest outfits for my fashion :)
Aug 04 2012 10:53 GMT twsottawan PRO
The fashion business works that way as well. The rag trade, crazy as hell.
Aug 04 2012 11:20 GMT wijnie58
Beautiful art work...Good luck with your new job....:-))
Aug 04 2012 19:03 GMT fashionmonster94
Thanks, I'll keep that in mind :)
Aug 04 2012 19:03 GMT fashionmonster94
That was clever word play in ryhming!
Aug 04 2012 19:03 GMT fashionmonster94
Thank you I will :)