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Hiding behind some grasses, listening Lady Gaga on my iPod, enjoying the outside pretending I'm one of those hot sexy ass guys in the 70's who love to get naked during the summer with other women in the lake, but since it's December, I can't do that, so might as well enjoy this cool, fine Winter Texas weather :)

This year has been a roller coaster for me, I had some bad encounters with people, I have taken photos without telling people they really weren't my pics, which now I do tell people, some pics I put up are not mine. I also have lost some friends, but that's ok because as I lost some I gained some, without the people I have gained, I wondered what it be like if we still weren't friends. But I am glad that I still have some of these people who were once enemies, I now have as friends :)

I really don't like fighting, I also don't like blowing up in the forums, but what was once then is all gone now, and is left behind us in the past to forget about. With other things going on in 2011, my love life, relationships, all horrible, my exes were trash, one landed in jail, asked me for money cause what he thought I was doing with fashion, he thought I was getting paid for. I realized I need a break from guys right now, a Monster like me doesn't need a boyfriend right now, boys are a distraction for me right now.

You guys remember the story about my life in the collage pictures, the guy that pretends not to like me when he's around his straight friends, but likes me and blushes when he's not around his friends, I'm testing him, pretending to ignore him, making him think I don't want him, which will only make him like me even more (SMART)!

But like I said, I'm not in a dating mode right now........... Fashion is my passion, fashion use to be a hobby for me, but as I got more into it, and realized how many great friends I have on here, it became a part of my life, like a sibling, a pet, someone you love, and fashion/photography/designing is what I love doing the most!

This years fashion was better then last years fashion when I started out, but thats gonna change in 2012, and May 23rd will be the 2nd year I have been on FT, 2 years I've been on here, 2009 is when I started fashion, 3 years of fashion, and I still got taste. I'm no King, I'm no God, and I'm no Idol, the only thing I am is Israel, a 17 year old male model who models Male/Female fashion clothing.

My favorite part about my pictures is when, my friends or other members comment on my pictures and they respond with, That is a wonderful portrait of a beautiful young women you got there, when actually the girl in the picture is actually me, the 60's album that is out which has mainly but women's fashion from the 60's, and the model in there that looks like a women is actually me, I'm a guy, but thought of some people thinking it's a girl is hilarious, it's amazing what I can do when you have photo/editing websites. I don't take it personally, I find it amusing :)

I decided to end 2011 with 3 1970's unmasked fashion, where I'm not wearing my black wigs with white streaks, claws, sunglasses, my one handed spied gloves from the 80's or neither because, I want my friends and everyone else on here to show that I can go a day without fashion, and show beauty within me, and show everyone that I also have a soft side, and can be normal, which in reality, there is no such thing as normal, normal is dead, but I heard weird is very popular today, so you can say I'm weird, because I get that all the time.

And with my 2011 pics, I hope you all liked it, because I've put in so much effort into my work, and my ideas, if you want to know a secret here it is.......................... I am my own photographer,designer, hairstylist/make-up stylists, theme designer, model, studio designer, and my own editor who edits my pictures. Sounds like a lot of work but it's not, but I can tell what is a lot, when I get paid, I do spend a lot of money on fashion material, 60's fashion material wasn't to bad, but with my 4th fashion album on the way, yes there will be a lot of shopping and spending to do. On September 16, 2011, I started out dedicating the first 10 pictures of the 60's album to my friend Peter, when we became friends this year, and now since this is the last photo I figured the last 3 photos of 2011 will be for him.

Pea2007(Peter) These last 3 photos of the year are for you, I hope you like them all, you have been such a great friend to me this year, even though were still new at this, you have been very nice and just great, I got to know you more, and you just been a wonderful friend, it makes me So Happy I could die, if you look below there will be a song and video I dedicated to you by Lady Gaga of one of her live performances at The Monster Ball. Until then this is the last of me until January 1, 2012 when I release my 3rd sneak peek of my Future album which is my surprise for those of you that are anxious.

Lady Gaga: So Happy I could die

This is December winter fashion Unmasked and Undressed

Monday December 26, 1976
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Comments on this photo:

Dec 27 2011 11:54 GMT hans55 PRO
a very good 2012 for you ...may your dreams come true !!
Dec 27 2011 12:10 GMT wijnie58
I agree with Hans, may your dreams come true...!!
Have a Fantastic 2012 Israel..
Greetings, Wijnie
Dec 27 2011 15:06 GMT fashionmonster94
Thank you, and wish the same for you :)
Dec 27 2011 15:07 GMT fashionmonster94
Thank you for your support, hope you had a great year :)
Dec 27 2011 16:24 GMT clintonfolks
i agree with hans55... Happy Holidays .!!!
Dec 27 2011 16:48 GMT whiteMusk
also from me - all the best in 2012!
Dec 27 2011 18:30 GMT fashionmonster94
Thank you, and I know for sure that I will work 2012 like I own the year :)
Dec 27 2011 18:31 GMT fashionmonster94
Thanks for the wish, I hope you have a happy holiday too :)
Dec 28 2011 06:11 GMT Pea2007
Stay cool my friend.
Dec 28 2011 16:16 GMT fashionmonster94
You too and may I wish you the best for the new year :)
Dec 29 2011 05:56 GMT laurab1
Take care and may your wishes all come true in 2012!
Dec 29 2011 07:32 GMT Wildspirit PRO
It has been a tumultuous year for all of us, I think, since no one I know is in the privileged class of the top one percent. Keep your dreams and ideals intact, and above all, be true to yourself. Have a great 2012!
Dec 29 2011 17:41 GMT fashionmonster94
Thank you very much :)
Dec 29 2011 17:41 GMT fashionmonster94
Thank you very much :)
Dec 29 2011 17:42 GMT fashionmonster94
Thank you for being very open with me Jim, I wish the best for you :)
Dec 29 2011 21:15 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Wishing you great New Year! And thank you for your good wishes.
Dec 29 2011 23:14 GMT fashionmonster94
Your very welcome, have a great day :)
Dec 29 2011 23:14 GMT fashionmonster94
Your very welcome, have a great day :)
Dec 30 2011 01:23 GMT julie13
Always use experiences in life as a learning curve. They make us wiser and sometimes stronger. I hope your wishes for 2012 come true, happy new year to you and your family. best wishes, Julie.
Dec 30 2011 04:21 GMT fashionmonster94
You come throuugh really strong for me, and that was very moving happy new year :)
Dec 31 2011 19:22 GMT peterpinhole
Never stop being creative and always follow your heart.
Best wishes for the next BIG "fashion mogul" :)
Have a great 2012.
Dec 31 2011 20:25 GMT fashionmonster94
Thank you Peter, I promised everyone last year that I would make 2011 the greatest year for my fashion, now 2012 will be bigger, better, and badder than ever :)

Happy New Year :)
Jan 01 2012 05:47 GMT sini
Happy New Year to you!:)
Jan 01 2012 06:03 GMT fashionmonster94