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The Future
Here is a sneek peek at my Future Spring fashion, I have come up with the date on when it will be released, The release date will be Saturday May 12, 2012.

I have been currently been working on my 4th album since July, I should be able to finish by The beginning of February, as goes for my 3rd fashion album of the 60's should also be finished later that same month. That will give me a 2 month break to finish up editing my work on my 4th album.

2012 for me and you guys will not be just another year, to me it's all about making a new fashion trend and creating things that's never been done before or re-creating things into modern day today. I have planned to make 2012 the weirdest year and fashion album you have ever seen. It will give a hole new meaning and definition to my weirdness then any other times I have been weird.

Don't worry, because this won't be the last sneek peek of my 4th album, I will currently be posting pics about the future, throughout the year until my release date for next year. So keep on the look out my ft friends :)

Future spring fashion 2012

COMING SOON: May 12, 2012

Wednesday November 2, 2011
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 03 2011 03:32 GMT charlie26
Interesting entry and wish you lots of success.
Nov 03 2011 07:11 GMT Pea2007
Yes the furture has started.
Nov 03 2011 13:12 GMT clintonfolks
great photo. best of luck with your success...
Nov 03 2011 14:06 GMT julie13
I programme my home computer, beam myself into the future. (Kraftwerk lyrics).
Nice work.
Nov 03 2011 18:42 GMT saffi9
good luck
Nov 03 2011 21:28 GMT fashionmonster94
Thank you Charlie for the wishes :D
Nov 03 2011 21:29 GMT fashionmonster94
But, it won't fully arrive until 2012 is here, 2011 is almost over Peter :)
Nov 03 2011 21:30 GMT fashionmonster94
Lol, thanks Julie, don't we all wish we can beam ourselves to the future, but we already are in the future :)
Nov 03 2011 21:30 GMT fashionmonster94
Thank you Clint fo your best wishes too :)
Nov 03 2011 21:31 GMT fashionmonster94
Thanks Saf (^_^)
Nov 08 2011 23:47 GMT mysticwonder
Like i said before you are very creative and your going places. Such a unique mind.
Nov 08 2011 23:50 GMT fashionmonster94
Thank you so much, my mind is all over the place you know, I have homework in school, the there is hanging out with friends, then there is going home spending time with my brother and my parents, then taking pictures and coming up with new ideas and jotting them down on paper, but at the end of the day I always make sure I have room for Jesus to pray, because he helps me get to where I need to be, even if I have a lot on my plate :)
Nov 12 2011 16:14 GMT fashionmonster94
Thanks Joe :)
Dec 04 2011 18:13 GMT fashionmonster94
Thank you very much, you like my work a lot, it makes me feel very hard working, thank you (^_^)