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Photo #9

Last but not least, my top favorite roller coaster out of my top 3 favorite rides, The New Texas Giant, which I got to ride last, because I wanted to save the best for last, get this, I rode this at night in the cold in 45 degree weather, it was worth it though, altough I rode it at night, I took this picture during the day because of test run's were going on before the ride opened.

The Texas Giant originally was a pure wooden roller coaster when it first opened in 1990, closed in 2009 for renovations, and was being remodeled throughout the hole season of 2010. The renovations involved the removal of the wooden track and replacement with Rocky Mountain Construction's I-Box steel track. It reopened for the 2011 season in time for the park's 50th anniversary including a new track design and trains on April 22, 2011. It is currently the tallest steel-hybrid roller coaster in the world at a height of 153 ft, which features a 79° drop of 147 ft, and enters 3 tunnels, the first 2 which enters lazered light shows.

Texas Giant's sister coaster, The Rattler, will undergo a similar transformation before opening in spring 2013 as Iron Rattler, which is located in San Antonio, Texas.

A link to the video of The New Texas Giant


Sunday October 28, 2012
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 29 2012 02:22 GMT zzzam
Cool! Here's the local Coaster here- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uo08GolhnF4
Oct 29 2012 02:26 GMT fashionmonster94
Great, it looks like a lot of fun to me, since mainly I am a fan of all types of roller coasters, and the fact of the heart pounding it gives you before you take off, get launched, or take your first high drop!
Oct 29 2012 03:25 GMT peterpinhole
Nice ride for sure!
Oct 29 2012 04:28 GMT fashionmonster94
One hell of a ride for sure :)
Oct 29 2012 09:02 GMT wijnie58
Stunning picture of the roller coaster..:-))
Oct 29 2012 09:03 GMT hans55 PRO
this looks like a great one to me !!
Oct 29 2012 12:18 GMT fashionmonster94
Thank you :D
Oct 29 2012 12:18 GMT fashionmonster94
It is super great Hans :)
Oct 29 2012 13:00 GMT Jakeobean
Fashionmost...this looks like a marvelous roller coaster....I'm not sure my heart is up to it....but looks fun....
Oct 29 2012 15:02 GMT fashionmonster94
My heart is up for anything fun fast and exciting, it is a real thrill ride though :D
Oct 31 2012 23:04 GMT julie13
Too scary for me, but a fantastic capture.
Nov 01 2012 04:09 GMT fashionmonster94
It's ok Julie I thought getting on it at night would me scary for me but at the end I loved it so much it was amazing a great stress reliever for me :)
Nov 01 2012 04:10 GMT fashionmonster94
Thank you :D
Nov 01 2012 09:23 GMT clintonfolks
Nov 01 2012 19:16 GMT fashionmonster94
I know looks fun
Nov 15 2012 01:33 GMT mypictures49
That's real big.
Nov 15 2012 01:42 GMT fashionmonster94
They don't call it The Texas Giant for nothing :)