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I'm lost in space. ;-)...maybe this is my last pic...some of you dont like me here...dont know why but i know it.
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 10 2007 23:30 GMT bluesky
You are Superman?
Wow.....get me from here..sweetie
Sep 11 2007 00:05 GMT SunnyRea
Great pic, Why are you not liked?? I like you. Please continue to upload your pics I enjoy them very much :)
Sep 11 2007 00:08 GMT jackbadger56
He he! I like all your shots too ;-p
Sep 11 2007 00:11 GMT jceca PRO
i have no idea what are you talking about, but this is cool pic !!!!
Sep 11 2007 01:00 GMT Milibuh
I like you here...and I think many of us...so those ideas are only in your mid Faenzu.
You are great ...
Sep 11 2007 04:12 GMT pp11364
Well done shot.
Sep 11 2007 05:08 GMT sini
Great happy picture! I'm sure many people like to see this!:))
Sep 11 2007 09:54 GMT gwen83
No dont go, you have very nice pic's always. How dont like you pic's??:))))
Sep 11 2007 11:13 GMT sweetjane
excellent work really nice and funny hehehehehe xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sep 11 2007 18:52 GMT pauli3522
Sep 11 2007 19:00 GMT Ini
Well I like you and you much stay this picture is olso good well done :-))
Sep 11 2007 19:27 GMT floyd1
great shot!!!! dont let us alone:))
Sep 11 2007 20:48 GMT YesHello
Love it!!!! you better not go any where mario!!!!! ;D
Sep 11 2007 21:30 GMT MichaelArm
Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....haha...too fun! ;)
Sep 12 2007 17:55 GMT lil
tisthajlekx qijed ittir
Sep 12 2007 21:52 GMT irashid
So Cool Shot !!!
Sep 16 2007 19:33 GMT SunLover
Do you realy care that some people don't like you? I thing it show character if you are not liked by everybody.
I don't know if I like you, but I like your pics
Sep 17 2007 09:19 GMT abojovna PRO
Perfect jump! Nice capture!
Sep 18 2007 10:02 GMT sweety2010
nice work !
Sep 18 2007 19:30 GMT Elise
I like you anywhere.....you look great sweetie! :)))
Sep 20 2007 20:10 GMT litz
not that me that don't like you....
you're my sweetiest friend mario....
just i am bit busy at work & at home that's why ...
i visited FT so rarely for about 2 months...
just enjoy in space but never get lost ;-)))
Sep 23 2007 18:48 GMT attard
nice effect!!!
Sep 24 2007 05:59 GMT jessikinha
Sep 24 2007 12:00 GMT buzu
Great edit mario !!
Sep 24 2007 23:00 GMT Bikerchick45
fantastic as usual ..... dont like you? we all love you faenzu!!!!!!!!!!! please dont go!!!

i'l miss you for sure :))))))))))))) so stay or else lol
Sep 27 2007 02:41 GMT junsjazz
wonderful work!
Sep 27 2007 11:44 GMT Persiankitten
Hope you enjoyed it there..in space...am sure that it's more peaceful!!