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The War 1.
Heroe's Square, Budapest, Hungary

Heroes' Square is one of my favourite sights in Budapest as I am living about ten minutes walk from here.
...The enourmous semi-circle with columsn is the Millenary Monument but on the same Square you can find some fine museums too. The the Millenary Monument was erected in 1896, to conmemore the thousandth anniversary of the Conquest of the country by the Hungarians. It was designed by the architect Albert Schickedanz and the sculptor György Zala. In the centre of the munument itself stands a 36-metre high column with a winged victory on top, flanked by the statues of the Magyar chief Árpád and of the chiefs of the other six tribes on the pedestal. Behind these stand as series of columns forming a semi-circle. On them stand the statues of the most important Hungarian kings, princes and commanders.
The relieves on the base of the columns commemorate historic events.

On top of the semicircle there are four symbolic statues: Work and Wealth on the left, two chariots, depicting War and Peace, in the centre, and Honour and Glory on the right.
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Comments on this photo:

May 15 2006 18:36 GMT PhotoPro PRO
great shot - beautiful statue.

I would love to visit Budapest!!
May 15 2006 18:37 GMT Edelweiss1851
Beautiful Sculpture. I was in Budapest.
May 15 2006 18:38 GMT evelinzee
Welcome to Budapest... and also to stay her with us, Bill !!!!!
May 15 2006 18:40 GMT bennystr
Wonderful image!
May 15 2006 18:43 GMT Olympe1961
What an impressive statue here !!! this effect is deeper with this cloudy sky ! a splendid impression ! bravo Evelinzee !!!
May 15 2006 18:45 GMT evelinzee
Merci pour vous, Laurence! Vous etes vraiment gentille !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
May 15 2006 18:50 GMT Paperinik962
May 15 2006 19:52 GMT deanbed
Like this angle, I still think Boudicea though!
May 15 2006 20:28 GMT deanbed
Now you make me want to visit, your right its not her, but now you know of her.
May 16 2006 00:50 GMT ahmetturker
Again, nice photo.!!!!!!!!!!
May 16 2006 05:54 GMT marijke06
great shot, beautiful light!
May 16 2006 07:23 GMT magiceye
beautiful capture!!!!!!
May 16 2006 08:23 GMT Arik77
Graete shot !
Thanks for information , my friend - been there in 1989 ,
still have the warmest memories .
May 16 2006 08:47 GMT csabi
Harc a felhők ellen,Szép ! ( a történetet olvassák mások !)
May 16 2006 09:01 GMT rock
great contrast with a wonderful sky!
May 16 2006 09:47 GMT bluefam
wonderful shot.
May 16 2006 11:39 GMT Kriszti
:)) yes, a wonderful shot !! and sight , indeed !!

* funny that i would thought you'd be tired of it since you stay so near ;D
May 16 2006 12:25 GMT numbi
Elképesztöen szép a budapesti sorozatod...
May 16 2006 12:26 GMT evelinzee
Köszi Numbi, nagyon kedves vagy!
May 16 2006 13:19 GMT aquiles PRO
a wonderful sight indeed and a wonderful image as welll... GREAtT picture wich transmit all the greatness of this so important place !!!!
May 16 2006 13:43 GMT baharan
beautiful series here ! eveli
May 16 2006 13:43 GMT Erian
Beautiful, impressive and informative! 3 in one! ;-))
May 16 2006 14:09 GMT StavrosMoforis
I have visited there, many, many years ago and I LOVED it!
Excellent series!
May 16 2006 14:14 GMT evelinzee
All right... So ...It is time to come and see it again... You can stay with us!!!!
May 16 2006 14:17 GMT evelinzee
THANKS AQUILES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
May 16 2006 14:22 GMT StavrosMoforis
Oh, really???
That's very sweet of you :))))) I will, first chance I get!!!
May 16 2006 14:52 GMT SHEHOU
wonderful shot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
May 16 2006 16:10 GMT lieke
very strong work....all of it
so inspiring
May 16 2006 16:17 GMT dolors
Great shot
May 16 2006 19:35 GMT soldier
Wonderful composition!
May 17 2006 06:38 GMT fey
....Fantastic .....image and statue!!!!!!!!
Thank you for sharing this Evelin !!!
May 20 2006 10:27 GMT Justagirl
Wonderful photo!!!!!!!!