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Tags coffee cup

458 views 1 person's favourite photo

coffee moments...
always enjoyable:)
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 02 2008 19:25 GMT otilia
Nov 02 2008 20:16 GMT OmarIbrahim
Nov 02 2008 20:20 GMT Crowy
Hi Eleni..
Very creative and very very nice.
Nov 02 2008 20:28 GMT Photofascination
Good shot!
Nov 02 2008 20:32 GMT dcz
great coffee moments,
Nov 02 2008 22:27 GMT MCCCXIV
great work as usual Eleni, beautifully atmospheric and artistic
Nov 02 2008 23:50 GMT correallano
muy muy linda!!!
Nov 02 2008 23:58 GMT brunopapeete
San enas spanikos pinaka tou XVII eonas. !!!!

Nostima idea photographias
Nov 03 2008 00:43 GMT lizzieb
Brilliant work Eleni.
Nov 03 2008 07:58 GMT nimbus
να δω πότε θα πιούμε εκείνο το καφεδακι...!!!
Nov 03 2008 08:18 GMT baltic
monday morning coffee.Thanks for it :)
Nov 03 2008 09:30 GMT Photofascination
Is there really coffee in this cup? :)))))))
Nov 03 2008 12:27 GMT eleni78 PRO
it is a small cup (for greek coffee if u know)
i drink my coffee in much bigger ones:))
Nov 03 2008 12:45 GMT Photofascination
I also prefer coffee in bigger cups.

Only black coffee, no sugar and no milk!

Nov 03 2008 12:47 GMT bushwalker
nice to see with my coffee cup in hand.
Nov 03 2008 13:44 GMT kamiskamis
fantastic light... and colours..!!
Nov 03 2008 15:25 GMT Carlimauda
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm......nice with a lot of milk and a bit sugar!....beautiful light!
Nov 03 2008 17:18 GMT Cronos1
WONDERFUL composition, dear friend !
Nov 03 2008 18:18 GMT PaP67
μια στιγμή να μοιράζονται !
Eleni let me know if this is right ?!....
Nov 03 2008 18:54 GMT sayalio
So mild shot!!! Please, tell me on greek coffee....I know turkish - is GREAT!
Nov 03 2008 19:28 GMT eleni78 PRO
anytime my friend:)
Nov 03 2008 19:29 GMT suzannesmash
I couldnt say it better myself..lol, CHEERS in coffee too!
Nov 03 2008 19:30 GMT eleni78 PRO
dear Pap67, what u said means: ''a moment (they) to be shared''. it can be correct but it depends on what u want to say. if u want tell me what u mean in english and i will tell u how exactly u say it in greek.but very good attempt..i can't even imagine how it is said in ur language lol..even though French is an adorable language which i want to learn to speak
Nov 03 2008 19:33 GMT eleni78 PRO
Only black coffee, no sugar no milk?? i call it poison ..lol
Nov 03 2008 19:35 GMT suzannesmash
lots of milk, i like it fluffy haha
Nov 03 2008 19:51 GMT eleni78 PRO
the fluffiest the better Suz , hehe!!
i also like it fluffy!
Nov 03 2008 21:08 GMT PaP67
efkaristo poli !... this was effectively the sens i wished to give there was no pun !
Nov 03 2008 23:10 GMT BobdeGroot
I sure like some coffee Eleni, please add some sugar to it no milk :)
Nov 04 2008 06:04 GMT Photofascination
I call it "nice" :))))))
Nov 04 2008 07:48 GMT CarloDiMarcoberardino
Nice shot composition
Nov 04 2008 11:02 GMT ArlenTavares
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Nov 04 2008 17:34 GMT eleni78 PRO
ofcourse Bob:)
Nov 04 2008 19:13 GMT beast33
coffee time..great!
Nov 08 2008 12:33 GMT Keitology
great mood, almost painted :)
Nov 10 2008 16:19 GMT caferr