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Greece on fire
64 dead people 2.000.000 acres of land burnt


Greece on fire
64 dead people 2.000.000 acres of land burnt
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 27 2007 19:15 GMT Vasca
This is terrible!!
I saw on TV that the fire was intentional??
Aug 27 2007 19:16 GMT eleni78 PRO
tromeri tragodia rebelion, asta na pane. opos to pes , tromokratiki epithesi giati peri avtou prokeitai. to mono pou thelo einai na teleiosei sintoma, na sai kala!
Aug 27 2007 19:41 GMT sherlock
It really makes one so angry!... :-(
Aug 27 2007 20:28 GMT vladofly
I feel so sorry Eleni, and wish your country good luck, fighting with so huge fire is not easy...
Aug 27 2007 21:42 GMT Crowy
Hi Eleni..
Hope you are all safe..
Aug 27 2007 22:04 GMT Pietje
Dear Eleni are you oke it`s terrible what I saw one TV............
Aug 27 2007 22:09 GMT irashid
It is terrible but I hope things will be under control soon.

Hope every thing gets on well !!!
Aug 27 2007 22:21 GMT BobdeGroot
Ow Eleni, this is terrible. I saw on the news about this. But I did not know that there are so many fires. I feel so sorry for the people who died and I also feel sorry for your beautiful country Eleni. How stupid people can be to make fire ? I hope you and your family are safe. To see all this fires really makes me angry.
Aug 27 2007 22:28 GMT Tavascarow
I hope they imprison all those responsible including the property developers who had an interest in the land that so mysteriously burned.
My thoughts are with all the simple country people whose lives have been ruined by some others greed.

Aug 28 2007 01:35 GMT will
Very sorry eleni...so sad..((
Aug 28 2007 04:46 GMT jett366
Saw this on the news. I feel so sorry. I hope you're okay my friend. My prayers go to those who died and I hope your country will be able to recover soon. Justice will prevail and I'm sure those arsonists will pay the price.
Aug 28 2007 08:11 GMT eleni78 PRO
it has covered an enormous area of south greece, it is not in whole greece
i hope i asnwered Vasca
Aug 28 2007 08:48 GMT eleni78 PRO
i am totally safe my friends. athens' fires where i live were immediatelly under control, thanks all for ur concerns !!
Aug 28 2007 11:41 GMT damansara71
We'll all pray for all our friends in Greece.........M glad you're safe Eleni..............Amen! To all prayers above!
Aug 28 2007 16:05 GMT marbon
and 'really an ecological disaster, beyond that human for the loss of much lives ciao Mario
Aug 28 2007 16:27 GMT elimar
:o( Es muy triste!!!
Aug 28 2007 17:23 GMT Peixy
Poor people....poor animals....poor world!
Aug 29 2007 21:25 GMT janvanbreemen
I wish you good luck and plenty of water!
Aug 29 2007 21:25 GMT lacilu
I love Greece, last year i was in Greece...It is terrible
Aug 29 2007 21:25 GMT eleni78 PRO
thanks to all for ur nice words !
Aug 29 2007 23:17 GMT BobdeGroot
Greece is such a beautiful country. It is terrible to see what is happening now.
Aug 30 2007 06:34 GMT dcz
terrible, impotencia, rabia..no words, lo sentimos.
Aug 30 2007 14:56 GMT EuCarlosFilipe
This is a mad world....things will never be the same even that Mr Karamanlis give new homes to those who lost it, for old people it s nothing as they lost all their memories...
This is a crime and must be seriously punished....maybe I m naive but this is the way I feel
Aug 31 2007 10:36 GMT eleni78 PRO
i agree with u EuCarlosFillipe, nothing will be the same there again even if they built a new place. that is a crime and criminals must be sent to prison for ever!!