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just a coincidence... i didn't notice that one of the stones has number 13 written on it, i just noticed the number while i was modifying the original photo...
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 13 2006 05:30 GMT Kire403
you have the get back to the place where you take this photo and pick up the #13 rock, lol... great work indeed!
Nov 13 2006 14:18 GMT leicabongmel
And it's Nov 13th, really a coincidence. It's a good luck. Good thing it's not Friday, otherwise it's bad luck....Am I making sense??
You should enter this in proverbmonday...Bato-bato sa langit, tamaan 'wag magalit......hehehe...just a suggestion.
Nov 14 2006 19:43 GMT Urselle
yeah clever number 13!!! that's my fave number too!
Nov 14 2006 20:09 GMT eds
it actually gave me creeps... i was actually thinking of a premonition.. weird huh?
Nov 14 2006 20:10 GMT eds
they say it's a lucky number, isn't it?
Nov 14 2006 20:12 GMT eds
thanks erik! but that means i have to drive for another 4 hours to get that stone!!!! thanks for the comments!!! :)))
Nov 17 2006 23:08 GMT Midworlder PRO
Nice image
Nov 21 2006 16:03 GMT elbeaver
I notice some stuff later too when editing, yes it's good.
Nov 30 2006 05:03 GMT nicercmf
hehehehe...ayus ate...you are an artist....number 13...a devils number...but turned upside down, it becomes luck....