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Tags portrait


the original picture of the 1st pic for the series "Color Inverts"... i just love this shot...
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 02 2006 12:39 GMT Elise
who is he? lovely face
Aug 02 2006 12:47 GMT eds
he's one of the village children whom my brother has befriended during his mission... :)
Aug 02 2006 12:52 GMT Elise
he looks very sweet to see.....where was this?
Aug 03 2006 01:16 GMT junsjazz
ooohhh! great expressive capture!
Aug 03 2006 18:39 GMT eds
twas taken in one of the villages of Aurora province, Philippines.
Aug 03 2006 18:40 GMT eds
thanks junsjazz...
Aug 14 2006 08:08 GMT Doodz
cutie pic... so innocent!
Aug 14 2006 08:17 GMT melanie737
ive been wanting to take pix of people just like this.... nice one eds... =)
Aug 14 2006 08:46 GMT eds
thanks for the comments... =)
Aug 14 2006 08:51 GMT hichkas
yes ... isnt she cute?
Aug 14 2006 09:38 GMT bluesky
what's on his mind.
Aug 14 2006 09:44 GMT hamrahi
Expressive capture:::::::::::::::::::::::::::;;
Aug 16 2006 17:37 GMT maiylah
Aug 17 2006 08:10 GMT Danaya
well done!
Oct 03 2006 04:37 GMT Kire403
From: bluesky

what's on his mind... ang sagot ko.. EWAN! Malay ko! hahaha

but hey, this pic speaks a lot of things... it might be this kid said in his mind.. I wish I can have a lot of money so I can buy a good house or shall I say... I wish this flower will be sold so I can bring something to my parents... seems like that!

but what is in his left hand in his ankle? is that his toy?
Oct 03 2006 05:12 GMT eds
yeah, the pic actually wants to convey a lot of things.. but then only the little boy knows what's really in his mind... we have to be grateful though that we're blessed...

he's olding a worn out toy which he dearly loved... :)

Oct 04 2006 11:55 GMT wifey
Spectacular portrait… you should be proud. Gorgeous.
Oct 12 2006 07:38 GMT sayitkarabulut
Dec 04 2006 12:36 GMT thelion