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Translation from the German words "Im Rahmen bleiben"= " stay within the scope/ stay in the course of."
"Stay within the scope " What scope gives it and what are the limits of our life ?
Stay in the scope mean stay in this what GOD had created us for and not go out of our limits like the world and we often had do since our first ancestors had stayed out and accept the offer of the enemy ( ="You be GOD") .Since this day we humans makes selfrealisation make our own thing.. go out of the limit the scope also with religious words....We makes sins ("misssing of the target "so the root of the word in Greek) and we seek own honour with own efforts and own works we adore idols and money and carrier.and national proud..adultery.. .We go out of the scope and that hurts only and bring many problems: such as war, stife, disease from own eforts and that makes our body ill and our soul weak and and and .Because we are created to live with and from GOD and for GOD ...So let us be wise and stay in HIS scopes. All areas we go out of the works "that HE has us before ordained " makes hurt..we will loose our own works and it hurts when HE cut them up.....Let us be wise and " stay in HIS orders and love " and not try to be self a god......and makes own plans and destinies without HIS grace...
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