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In such bottles- earthenware jugs - they selled mineral water many hundred years long until about 1850 .From this time more and more they used bottles of glass. About 1900 the earthenware jugs become almost completely replaiced by the glass bottles( cheaper and more shatterproof) . Earthenware jugs we find no longer for mineral water but for speciel kinds of herb liquers (until today) and vinegar .Today mineral water is more and more selled in plastic bottles.
So my theme for next year for shop window is:" In great- great- aunt times the erthenware jugs for mineral water become replaced by glass bottles."
And because it will be the Feast of the Cruzifixion and Resurrection the suitable words of JESUS over water :
" Whosoever will drink from this water (waters- mineralwater )will become thirsty again. But whosoever drink of the water I will give him will never have thirst in eternity .And the water will become in him (in her) a spring which flows into the everlasting life" John 4,13.14
THIS WORD IS A BIRTHDAY GREETING to the 22 th and 29 th of October for a sister far away.....Trust JESUS - HIS given WATER will lead You into everlasting life...the only WATER which can do this -No mineralwater can do this(even we need míneralwater for our body) and not the water from the enemy (philosophy, mythology, and witchcraft, magic things honor of men adultery money seeking - this water we must resist , we must stay away ) can do this .ONLY JESUS can give You water into Your person which become a spring in You into everlasting life. Greetings .
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 22 2011 06:43 GMT agila1022
Have a great day.. thanks for the greetings.. my belated birthday greeting too, to bro. Johannes (20th Nov).. and an advance greeting to you brother (23rd Nov. ) May God's continued blessing be with you now and forever till He comes.. God bless you and the whole family. Greeting to everyone from far away, Philippines.
Nov 22 2011 13:33 GMT eagle4Yeschua
Thanks for the greetings ..and JESUS bless You also and Yours too.....Greetings from Germany..