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Here we see the spirituell athmosshäre how it was also in my parentshouse: Right side : the wooden christian carving with the born child Jesus and left side very great the German idol Thor in coca cola clothes .. a sex idol - god ( in idol pictures Thor is often shown with a erected sex organ ) and war idol among many gods. HE come to the time of 24. december ( midwinter) to the people to bing gifts .. thats a mixture between Christianity and Germna old idol cult and a transgresson of the first commandment : You shall not serve and pray to other gods. " This thoughts come from old past history and the work of the freemasons in our culture back as a contrareformation in the time of Renaissance.. The old idols are brought back and mixed with christian thoughts...
And the result? GOD hates idol service and go away from such Christians even when they go to church. HIM ingterest not the one hour on Christmas people go to church and life their life with satans idols.. And the chistianty is weak .. weak, because we have the name of Jesus but HIS presents and the presents of the HOLY SPIRIT is no longer with us. The Holy Spirit is a pure Spirit and hates satans idol lieing storries...
To our counthry came many moslems . What find they here: the santa ( unpuire German idol ) claus ...and the churches become emphty more and more and the true Christians are often make such cults without thinking what it is...
Look we to the past : At the end of the Romain Empire the German tribes in the great Migration Period in the 4 century occupy the land of the Romain Empire BUT they accept the Christianity even as conquerors .. the church was in that day strong enouph means GOD worked still in the Christians that the winmners saw: Here is living GOD !.and have accepted Jesus and the real GOD . Today our withnesses to the income Moslems is a scandal why? We are bound in idol servive in satans LOVELY storries and food and familiy parties were unpure spirits in light clothes rule the scene..
The words of a churchgoer in a private talk is characteristic. After a church service the woman said about Jesus and the bible : " Thats only a fairytail ." Thats a true history heard from a ´catholic believer of my customer.. Thats the second destiny of satan : he tries with his farytails and idol customs to make from the bible storries a fairytail ...When we idol service put in our heart THAN the bible become to us a fairytail .. a storries which not work, because GOD is far away from a idol server.. no mater if we HIS promises and words proclaim.
But when we put out of our heart with the blood of Jesus this unpure idols cults THAN come GOD again back to our midst and we can stand and make HIS history.......Come Jesus make Your believers pure and come again and destroy all fairytails and lovely storries of the bad one .. all lies ,all idol service and let s us ONLY serve the one true GOD in Jesus!

"You shall lave the LORD Thy GOD with all Thine heart, and with all Your soul and with all Your energy...Thou shall fear the LORD Thy GOD and serve HIM and swear by HIS name.Ye shall not go after other gods, of the gods of the people which are round about You. For the LORD Thy GOD is a jealous GOD among You lest the anger of the LOTD Thy GOD be kindly against Thee and destroy Thee from the face of the earth." 5.Mo.6, 5.13-15 ( Every strong and deep love is jealous to a revial .. so it is also when we serve honour other gods we feel GOD s angry.and wrath )
1.Kor.10,20 .." what the Gentiles sacrifice they sacrifice to the demons ...You shall not have fellowship with the demons.."

Judges 10,11 ff. " And the LORD said unto the children of Israel.. yet You have forsake ME and served other gods, wherefore I will deliver You no more...."
2.Mo 20,3.5: " You shall have no other gods before ME...Thou shall not bow down Thyself to them, nor serve them; for I the LORD Thy GOD am a jealous GOD, visiting the iniquity ...of them that HATE ME " To server to honour other gods ( demons, fees, gins spirits,) is to HATE GOD. Thats unique only in Bibel that all other gods and forces of the unseen world is not to serve, not to honour not to pray to not to praise in songs and pictures mouvies .....becaúse when exist another power by side of GOD -GOD is not the allmighty one . Every other god is a lie and rebellion from satan.....no matter how lovely and fine the story and the custum is......
let us be wise..and serve only the ONE who is died for us JESUS and HIS FATHER and the power of GOD will come back to HIS children...and we make history and stamp the world like the first Christians...
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