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This collapsed barrn show us a fundamental nature law: All things turn TO disorder when they be let alone. Thats the second law of thermodynamics : In a closed area the disorder ( the science mens call the mesure of disorder "Entropy" ) grow from self. Lets compare this fundamental law with the statements of our evolutions believers among the most biologics : They will us say that the complicated life comes from alone without a creator without a intelligence to pass over long time distances...What can we observe in our world : comes order - a machine - to pass without intelligence? Stay order without rerstoring and sustaining by a intelligence : Yes or No?
The biologics that believe in evolution says: The evidence is that we first see simple life in the geologic layers and than complicated ones
If this is a evidence for a evolution without a creator, than our buildings and houses are also come on this earth without a engineer , because also in earth history we found first simple houese from adobe and wood and now glass fronts buildings in modern architecture.
The evolutionists say also because they found similarities in the life organsimen that they must be relationship by a common ancestor.
When we see the houses on earth we found many kinds of architecture and also similarities , Means that that they comes to pass without one house worker and creator?
We see the evolution arguments are arguments of believers that INTERPRETE facts we see on earth AGAINST fundamental laws of nature.:
Only by a creator a engineer comes to pass and sustain order here in this world....
And remember: biological systems are much more complecated than houses.. They are machines thát work by a CODE !!!!
And think please that biological systems can adapt themselfs on the environement. Think please if a combine can from self adabt themself on the cereales ,which he cut. That were a much more greater evidence for creation than our combine today, or? ...
A fundamental law in this earth is : " From self grow the disorder Entropy and no order comes to pass even when we have a open system,.
The evolution believers will us say to postolate a intelligence is not a science methode. Hmm what is when we this axiom bring in life to the question : How is a house come to pass? Is that science when we say: we will only explain the come to pass of a house by not ingtelligent factors ? Is that really science ????smile

This collapsed barrn had all modules for a barrn on one place but NEVER also not in Billions of years come to pass a new barrn from self without a engineer or ?????? Thats a great believe if someone say: wait for millions of years and by accident ( earth quakes , winds and and) stand one day a new barrn....a great believe istn´t it ?
The bible says that what we found here on earth laws : From nothing comes nothing - the disorder growns from alone thats evidence and all to see. And the bible says it with this words:
"In the beginning created GOD the heavens and the earth .. and HE creat all things that are to see.." Thats 2. law of Thermodynamics in order....
Be You dear visitor on earth with Your eyes ,Your brain .. Your order in Your body ? so it must be a creator that had created our ancestors thats science according the fundamental laws of nature and not according evolution theories...
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