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the footprint of a tractor...We don t see the tractor in this view , but from the foot print we know: there must be a tractor ,that have saw the corn..
We have in our body the foot print of God: the DNS the information -the genetic information -of God...a information don t come to pass by accident that know every informatic man ...and we have footprints of God in our soul: our conscience , our aspirations for love and caring, our fear that we miss someone important in live .....We can t now God see but we know when we look at the foot prints in us :We need HIM ..and all our perversions:looking for money and might and alcohol and career and honour seeking from man ...brings not that what we need....lets go back to the source of live from our contortions and destiny missing ...(=sin from the wordmeaning in Bible ) ...our Father is waiting on us and had carry all our sins (missing the traget of live) thrown on HIS son Jesus on the cross....smile we can withfout fear come to God now ONLY in Jesus..HE is the ONLY way back to God...
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