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Translation from this poster of the "Litfasssäule " * 1 stand before the evangelian church : "What by men is not possible is possible by GOD "
(*1) Litfaßsäule (Litfasscolumn) means a advertising column. This column had invented a human named "Ernst Theodor Amandus Litfaß ( 1816-1874).He was a bookseller and bookprinter. He had not loved the wild placating on the walls of Berlin and investigated columns .On the 15. th April 1855 was stand up the first 150 columns in Berlin und became to his honour later the name " Litfaßsäule" Litfaß had known the importance of advertisment and had make a patent of his advertisment columns and become very rich.....
Now to our theam : 20 years fall of the Berlin wall. This was a result of the peaceful demonstrating people in east Germany against the atheistic sozialist system..The protest began in evengelian churches...On the protest marches the people spoke the words: " No violence!" and " We are the folk" .The atheistic communist party SED had themself presented as the advocate of the folk. For that the call on the demonstration : " We are the folk!" .Later the deomstrants have called : " We are one folk!" Germany was before divited in two lands that stands advers towards... That was the begin of the German unity and now the begin of the Unity of Europa..
Many Christians have had the hope that our folk comes also to the call: "We are YOUR (= GOD s ) folk" but that has not come to pass.. In many parts rule today the money and many christian attitudes are fall down.. so we have for example the bad think from the GDR inherited the abortion. That menas that the life of a baby can be sacrifice on the altar of the idol money and good life style because a child coust also much and carrier is much more important and because we have no faithful marriages but lust without commitment...GOD is still far away from the heart of many Germans and the idol money and honour and good lifestye and carier rules......
Nevertheless it was a wonder from GOD the fall of the Berlin wall and that the atheistic System came down.. and many families came together again and we are free today to express our believe on Jesus which was under the socialist system not possible......
"What by men is not possible that is possible by GOD !" this word stands in the meaning that a riche men can t be saved ! Thats interesting : A rich men ( not only money but richeness in intellectual capacity , richeness in relationship) can t come to GOD? Why ? Because with the richeness comes oft proud the attitude that WE IN OURSWELFES nedd no GOD and can life without HIS help. And thats our society often today : Rich in themselfs , thinking we can make it with our money thinking and work...PROUD . Or what is the same : we are sorrowfulness and WISH that we be rich.. That is in GOD s eyes the same : Which to be rich (means : to give our life sence and worthy without GOD ) is the main sin is the attitude from Satan himself.....
So we have the freedom to travel from one part of the land to the other and we can express our meaning free but the main wall the wall between the humans and GOD because of our sins are still in the heart of the most Germans because they accept not Jesus doing for them and they in the poison of the lusts froms Satan :; selfrealisation and own works for own glory....Only a few comes the the LORD Jesus and accept HIS doing for us and become free nevertheless how unfree the environement is......But everybody who will -shall came and he will in Jesus experience that JESUS makes free by the cross and resurrection.. everybody who WILL and COME shall be REAL free...."When the SON makes You free THAN You are real free..." Lets us festival not only this day but every day: "We are FREE in HIM nevertheless how unfree the world arround us is !"Jesus had paid for our sins and so ONLY IN HIM the wall between us sinful humans and the HOLY RIGHTEOUSNESS GOD is fall.. all other doing and works and religious doing brings to to GOD h´but in condemnation and to the warth of GOD about our sinful(twisting and rebellion ) nature. IN JESUS WE ARE FREE AND ONLY ONLY ONLY IN IHM. "That 1. GOD is righteousness and 2. NEVERTHELESS can make righteousness the person that stick on Jesus ." Otherways around Jesus stays the warth of GOD. A good example have brought a German pastor : in the gras steppe when tha a fire comes it give s only one possibility to not brun to death..There where You stand You must inflame also a fire and then when this place is burnt down You must put in excact this place and when then the great fire wall comes You be free because the flame has no sustenance all is here yet burned down....So it is with Jesus : On HIM GOD had HIS warth entitled burned down..BUT ONLY IN JESUS all other places and attitudes and religiousities are under the entitled wrath of GOD that comes in the future when we go into the eterniy direct before HIS face...So dear visitor go into the wounds of Jesus lay Your life in HIS for You pierced hands and You will come to the peace of GOD.. Your free will decision... GOD can t manipulate Your free will thats Your worthyness and smile the danger ..Two decisions are possible... choose good......! Smile
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