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This days i have found another piece of the past from of our family shop…one of the advertisement signs which hang in front of store:
“Brennspiritus Marke Herold”
that is “ Methylated spirit-trademark herald”

By this shield it remains me on a word of Paul in the letter to the Corinthiens 1. Cor. 1,23:
“But we preach ( in Greek HERALD κηρυσσομεν
kärüssomen= we herald ..that means we proclaim it no matter if the people will hear it or not, no matter if the hearers understand it or not ) Christ (= the anointed one =the ordained person the king and the priest((= one who mediate)) and the ruler) crucified , unto the Jews (stand here for religious people, who lean on own forces to achieve righteousness, people who try to collect plus points through good doings on own forces before a god or before the right GOD YAHWE) a stumbling block (σκανδαλον =skandalon -from this english word "scandal"-means a trap literally the part of the trap on which is put on the flesh or the cheese and that part oif the trap also let snap the trap when an animal try to eat the bait on the skandalon…so a trap hurts when it look in .So it hurts the hearing of the crucified Jesus this religious people, they can t stand the word of the cross, they must fight against it with effort.) and unto Greeks ( the persons that look for earthly wisdom , that we control the live themselves under own authority , means persons who believe we are be god and can ordain our life our self by education and wisdom) foolishness (μωρια= moria = means a completely inappropriate appliance/ vehicle// For this people the word of the cross is completetly senseless , not important no wise. They smile about it .Had nothind to do with their life in which they try to master all in own forces under their control). But unto them which are called Jewish and Greeks Christ the power of GOD and the wisdom of GOD.”
So we christians be HERALDS of GOD. What has a herald to do? He has to proclaim, what the ruler had ordained - had prescribe . A herald speaks not from his own idears , but he proclaims the will of the sending ruler.A herold had the view on his message not on the people. He change not the message for special people. A herald let the ruler proof the validy of his message. In old days of the romain empire had let with the herald go out army forces to enforce the message like Jesus do it according Mk 16,20 : " they (the disciples) preaching (Greek HERALD again this word) .. the LORD worked with them and CONFIRMED the words.."

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