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It depende on the filling!
In GOD s eyes we be a vessel. Not the seen form of the vessel (great, small, thin or fat , black skin or whité skin, men or woman, child or adult or old people, edjucated or non edjucated, with great family or alone..)is for GOD interesting but the filling. We are constructed from HIM that we let HIM in our heart. But with a free will decision. We can and infact have used the possibility of let other gods ( = goods ) in our heart: a famous rock star, a philosophy, one politician, one actor, one guro or teacher, a friend, idol, money...all this we can let in our heart as a twisting a missing of target ( thats the Hebrew word meaning from the word sin) and this idols will stamp us and our attitudes and life conditions...
Also we in our life look for content and not the form of the bottle or? ( Some time we let us decieve by the advertisment of the kind of bottle the label or the lovely form of the glass bottle right, but when we have taste the content we become more wise and look not on the form but the content.smile)
You see in this picture only two bottles with different filling colours . Why? Because in real it excist only two sides -two spirits we are be able to let in our heart. All the idol stuff -all the being fan of a sports disciplin( football is my life and so ) or all star cult comes all seeking of honour of men and all seeking of money to have a good lifestyle in selfrealisation, all immersion methods like Yoga all chi methods from asian lands comes from the rebell in the begin ....and let GOD go far away from our life, because thats a abomination for HIM.....We all have the false spirit in our life let in , have trust on mens, have make idol served and dishonour GOD .. but in Jesus ( since HE died for us and had paid our gilt ) we have the possibily the false filling to throuw out and let GOD and HIS SPIRIT in our life....And remember GOD is a loving GOD and so a jealous GOD . HE accept not idol service in our life. HE will us have pure for HIM .
Say me what You let in Your heart and i say You who You be: a freind of GOD or a friend of this fallen world...
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