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Again shall this picture from my Desktop symbolise our life.
We have found out before with great astonishment that one person of the Divine Trinity ( 3 Persons in perfect love and harmony , who have created all .So also us humans with a free will to love or to rebel . And we have taken the bad choose so often like the first woman and men on earth ) loves us so deeply thae HE had taken our transgressions and sins and become so our “garbage pail “ the icon Recycle BIN on the Desktop . ((( Can we imagine what Jesus all had carry on HIS life on the cross? All sins of all time of all people .. all murdered and abused facts , all lies , all proud, all idol service, all hate , all bad desire … from all people and from us ))))
When we come by Jesus back to GOD and give GOD the place that due to HIM : the center of our life and we circle around HIM ( exact the opposite of the world :in world the humans play god and all must circle around the will of the humans.) than another icon ( another attitude) is important to survive- to can live in peace with GOD . : The” virus scanner “ . When we came back to GOD , HE takes us not out of this cosmos in which reign still the god of the rebellion- satan. We stay here still. !!!!! And when we think, that all what comes in our eyes and ears and in our mind( thoughts and feelings) is good .. than we are like a PC worker that think all what from Net comes is good .. all persons and websites are friendly --and nothing can make me a damage.or i am so good and more wise than the bads net worker thats proud .. That person will very soon find out that he become problems with his PC (= life) . First is nothing to see ..all lovely and friendly words and he click and click and watch .. but in the back -not to seen on Monitor -many bad things happen…
So we need a virus scanner . This program let themselves not deceive from friendly pictures and words , but is looks to bad software and find it out and eliminate it .
So we as Christians have to do the same. “ Don t trust every spirit but prove if they be from GOD. Every spirit that confesses that Christ Jesus is in the flesh come is of GOD..every spirit that confess this not is of the spirit of the antichrist ..” 1.John, 4 1-3 one example is this only from so many words in bible .
The next: “Abstain from all appearance of evil.”
And exact like a virus scanner must update from his programmer or the programmes company to find out what is a bad software -so we must study the word of GOD to find out what is from the enemy and what comes really from GOD.
One important bad virus found in all books of the bible is: Idol service and magic behaviour. When we open us for this and not enable our virus scanner and isolate and erase this appearance ,the bad can work in us and damage us . Even when we it first years nothing feel….GOD has given us the task to scan according the Bible = HIS examination material for our virus scan and HIS SPIRIT . All what stands against the bible is to isolate from our life . Look what You let fall in Your eyes and Your ears and in Your heart. You are responsible for that.
The most difficult think is for us to scan our family or society behaviour even when it is Christian like. I was grown up in a Christain family but nevertheless from my Mom came many influences of the bad: astrology ( looking for a suitable life partner by watching the birth date ,… santa claus visit us = German idol or a death person in coca cola clothes , the German classics in literature like Goethe , Schiller .. that’s magic things from Freemasons ) from my sister we have learned for joke to pendulum dowthing to find out how many children we become in future that s augury and GOF hates is..Also we have to the end of the year make molybdomany that’s also augury and GOD hates it , because our future depend on our open will for GOD s influence in our life and only GOD knows what is in our future and not by a ritual we can find our future out ( that -like all magic things -is against GOD s integrity of a divine person ) . So every fairytail every movie that bring us in good pictures or music magic things brings us virus a bad virus that damage us.. like it had damage me and produce proud and bad desires …Ah bad desires ..have You ever noticed dear visitor that the bible the demons ( that we bring in our life without a virus scanning and isolation ) call also parallel inpure spirits? The first thing that magic behaviour in fairy tails or in idol service change, is our given good sexuality … So in my life came by the works of Goethe a famous German poet ( most things and people that are in world are famous are in GOD s eyes bad and who will be a friend of the world will be a enemy of GOD ) impure thoughts ..Even in one old book of his works many illustrations of naked woman were to see and had stamp me in my sexual thoughts away from the norm of GOD “ When You look to a woman and desire her You have already make adultery.” Dear visitor when You begin with GOD s virus scanner (=the bible )put idol service and magic things out of Your life by the blood of Jesus, than Your sexuality will also chance into GOD s will( only with one woman live and desire in faithfulness) Faithfulness and pureness come in than in You .. That’s the DIVINE therapy by Jesus and the virus scanner which GOD can t make without Your free will decision : 1. to give Jesus Your life 2. to confess all what HE shows You from Your past sins and 3. to scan and isolate from Your life all bad appearance no matter how lovely how good it is to seen or to hear and no matter how good it find our family and society …Our scan standard / criterion / yardstick l comes from Gods word not from the meaning and popularity and the customs of this fallen world… And GOD sees Your will .. when You begin to walk with GOD deeply and You fall …HE raise You up : “ The righteousness fall seven times (smile means many many times ) and stands again up. “ Lets stand in Jesus and scan all what will come to our heart …….
"More than all guard Your heart, from heart are the outflow of life " says GOD- our task as a free will person .. let us not decieve from the enemy with his lovely and coloured things in which are the virus is deeply to damage our life.."
To the end lets see the antivir program at work :"For the weapons of our warfare are.. mighty through GOD to the pulling down of strong holds.. casting down imaginations (logismous = plans, thoughts, accounts , reflections) and every high things that exalted itself against the knowledge of Christ (knowledge means connection , fellowship ) and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ." 2.Cor.10,4 .5 Thats the work of a antivirus program .The enmy trys always to destroy the fellowship with GOD in Jesus all the stories from satan have this destiny with lovely pictures , works and rituals and festivals he will set himself between us and GOD .He exalted himself against the fellowship with Jesus and Jesu salvation with his sorcery histories and his idols and rituals with lovely gifts to cover our senses from the loving GOD and HIS mercy and salvation. But as Luther had says: "One word can the devil bring to fall:" Thats the word "No" to idol service and farytails and witchcraft . " So be GOD obedient and resist the devil and he will flee ." When we lean on Jesus and HIS word than we will not fulfil the desires of the enemy and " the truth (Jesus and HIS word ) will make us free..." Will You be free dear visitor ? Use Antivirus program .......Your task GOD do t not for You and also i can t do it for You ...You are a free will person ....Your worthyness and Your danger ...So Your freedom is in this sense in Your hand!
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