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Chocolate shelf of Chocolat Menier 1900 and later..
In this beautiful shelfs lithographed tins the company selled their chocolate bars and cakes.
Translation:"Chocolat Menier- la plus grande fabrique du monde"=
"Chocolate Menier- the biggest factory of the world"
Yvonne Bousset (daughter of the famos french art painter Firmin Bousset) write with chocolate:"Mèfiez vous des contrefaçons" thats a order:"Guard against(beware of / to watch out for ) the imitaions (literally works of the enemy, conterworks antagonistic works!"
Thats tradement reclam is not only important for trade realm but also for us believers. "Beware Yourselfs for the idols" wrote John 1.Joh 5,21 "Flee from the idolsservice" says Paul 1.Kor.10,14
But how we recognice idolservice? We must know the original and HIS character. " The son of men came not to be ministered unto , but to minister, and to give HIS life a ransom for many." Mt 20,28 "For if he that comes preaching another JESUS , whoom we have not preached ( 1.Cor.2,2 "preach JESUS save and HIM crucified..") ye might weil bear with him(means the corintians where open easy to accept a lie)" 2. cor.11,4
So every idear that not bring JESUS crucified for our sins is a contrefaçon. Thats the important earmark to know if a teaching comes from GOD or the imitator. Ananother important earmark of idolservice is distorted sexuality ( the 2. realm the imitator tries to influence. In idolcults fertilitycult we find every time pervers sexuality. So if one preach in the name of a god sexualtiy with many partners here or in the eternity ( the promisse to have many virgins humans and angels after death as a reward) than this comes from fertility idolservice. In eternity it gives no sex . So all the angels with sexual caracteristics comes from mythology (greek northern and oriental mythology). The thinking of sex in eterniy with humans or angels (and sex with many partners)hate the living GOD. Its from the enemy that will us decoy with desires...
So "Mèfiez vous des contrefaçons! " says Yvonne and also the HOLY SPIRIT:" Come out of her ( the whore babylon sitting on MANY WATERS) MY PEOPLE" revelation 18,4 .GOD will, that we lean only on HIM and HIS character of pureness.and accept the doing of JESUS on the cross for us...."Mèfiez vous des contrefaçons"
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