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plane at a local RAF show
took about 830 pics!
was a good day out with lovely weather!
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Comments on this photo:

Jun 15 2008 20:49 GMT pauli3522
Jun 15 2008 20:51 GMT ducati999
thanks very much!
Jun 15 2008 20:55 GMT senna3
Great shot!
I look forward to many more images of "old timers"!
Jun 16 2008 18:09 GMT ducati999
thanks my friend
just watch this space......
Jun 20 2008 21:21 GMT aquascience
Superb capture my friend,straight to my favs !
Jun 24 2008 20:14 GMT ducati999
wow, thanks very much
Feb 13 2009 04:11 GMT smileymikey PRO
an old chipmunk, i flew in these alot of times, great old plane,,, shame to see they lost 4 people the otherday though :) brilliant pics :))
Feb 14 2009 10:55 GMT ducati999
really, that's really interesting, i take it you were in the RAF then?
i know, its really sad, also one of my friends is in the training corps thing and so he could go up in a plane for training like that. thanks again ::))
Feb 14 2009 11:02 GMT ducati999
ahh i have read your profile, apologies for my asumptions about the RAF. you have taken some lovely pics. happy valentines day to you
Feb 15 2009 04:55 GMT smileymikey PRO
Yeah i used to be a Air cadet for a while, then i grew up wanting to be in the army, did that for 5 years, flew mostly in Hercules and seakings as aircrew, loved every minute of it , but no problems about your assumptions lol often do get mistaken as it is unusual for army personel to fly with the RAF,,, which was often the case. By the way Happy Valentines day to you,,, sorry it was a little late :D :)
Jan 30 2010 15:25 GMT ducati999
that's cool!!
yeah that's why i was thinking that.
and i'm sorry this is even later! nearly same time next year!!