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Tags africa


Kenya....at school
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Comments on this photo:

Dec 23 2006 19:06 GMT Grain
Great kids. Did you visit the scholl at Jacarandra?
Dec 23 2006 19:09 GMT dreamowl
Grain, do you know the Mission of Rumuruti in the Rift Valley?
Dec 23 2006 19:12 GMT Grain
My knowledge of this wonderful place is limited i'm afraid.
My friend is a teacher and she visited Kenya for the 'gardens for life' project.
I edited and compiled all their video footage for the project. I am hoping to visit myself because the video footage was so wonderful and my heart went out to those kids. You are very lucky to have been able to visit. I envy you in a nice way :)
Dec 23 2006 19:17 GMT dreamowl
i visit Kenya in a mission for help african People.
Next january i hope to leave to Madacascar, always for help african people.
In Saharwi (Algeria) was an other Humanitary project..
i'm really lucky to leave that experience...sorry for my bad english
Dec 23 2006 19:20 GMT Grain
Your English is very good. Please take lots of pictures and post them on Fotothing. I look forward to seeing them. Nice to see an angel at work, they are few and far between.
May I add you as a friend?
Dec 23 2006 19:23 GMT dreamowl
Grain..i've a lot of pictures about my travel...10 for day i post them here...you must add me as a friend!!! thank
Dec 23 2006 19:24 GMT Grain
Thank you! I have just received you PM. Be sure to stay in touch.