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nipper cat
Tags nipper cat


my cat nipper
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 18 2010 16:56 GMT fashionmonster94
ooooooooh i love cats....... I have 8 of them on my own
Sep 21 2010 03:53 GMT dreammom
i love this one so much i got my self put into the hos. over her she had gotten lost out side and she kind go's nuts when she's out side she was in the lilac bush hiding under it so i dove in after her knowing i'm allergic to ivy and oke well i got oke so bad i got the pollen in my face and it swelled my face so bad u could see all my pours and my eyes swelled shut and lips were swollen and not to menchen the oke all over the rest of me i got scars to show for it .
Sep 21 2010 20:16 GMT fashionmonster94
Wow I'm not allergic to nothing exe pet seafood, and it's a good thing cuz I'm not a really big fan of shrimp or lobster but the only thing I'll eat is fish I don't seem to be allergic to that
Sep 21 2010 20:40 GMT dreammom
i don't like fish much but i like shrimp and love clam's yeah alarges are a pain .
Sep 21 2010 22:11 GMT fashionmonster94
I will agree that both of us agree about allerges being pain xD
Sep 22 2010 04:47 GMT dreammom
yep hehe