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I went into the house a little while ago and thought I could hear Elvis singing in the background. Very odd, since Denise, ManiacMom, is not an Elvis fan. I found her in her lair, watching Bill, PhotoPro, singing an Elvis song as a tribute to his wife on their 30th anniversary. She was just watching and smiling... Nicely done, Bill! You have set an impossibly high standard!!
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 04 2009 22:32 GMT Midworlder PRO
The wonders of FT and the net :))
Feb 04 2009 22:41 GMT PhotoPro PRO
Thank you Doug, it was something I wanted to do just for Gail. She said that while I was singing she felt such a strong connection with me - that it was like we were alone. It's very subtle on the video, but during the final verse, I stepped closer to her and held her hand.

And nice monitor Denise!! I use my notebook all the time, upgraded over the summer to a 17" (wow is it heavy) very fast chip... but 20"+ would be so cool.
Feb 04 2009 23:48 GMT LisaSam67
Cute catch!
Feb 04 2009 23:58 GMT ManiacMom PRO
hahaha You are lucky that all of the mess doesn't show. :)))
Feb 04 2009 23:59 GMT ManiacMom PRO
Bill, the monitor was a Christmas gift. It's cool!
Feb 05 2009 01:56 GMT dougrun PRO
Gotta love it! We were able to follow you all around the world and now we all stay in touch and share photos, it is truly amazing! :-)))
Feb 05 2009 01:57 GMT dougrun PRO
Lisa, :-))
Feb 05 2009 01:58 GMT dougrun PRO
I know.......... ;-))
Feb 05 2009 02:20 GMT LisaSam67
and now that I have my laptop turned on I guess I'm off to watch Bill's videos :-)
Feb 05 2009 03:36 GMT Midworlder PRO
Not just me Doug ! But in saying that I host an FT'er for a day in Auckland next Thursday. And two others I expect to meet this year
Feb 05 2009 04:49 GMT granitbiscut
I agree
Feb 05 2009 12:35 GMT Papagena
Amusing explications, indeed !! It's alarming how I am still a little greenhorn concerning all these new possibilities !! ;^-((
Feb 05 2009 20:38 GMT dougrun PRO
That just proves the point! What a neat thing, you have, I'm sure, made life-long friends!! :-))
Feb 05 2009 20:40 GMT dougrun PRO
Ruth, I am learning too! Following Midworlders trip last year, all the places he went and all the fotothingers he met along the way, truly special. That is how to see a country, with those that live there!! :-))
Feb 05 2009 20:53 GMT caferr
Feb 06 2009 00:27 GMT megmet PRO
I followed the lead on this photo and just watched Bill.....magic!

Nice to see you Denise. :-)
Feb 06 2009 01:45 GMT dougrun PRO
Hi, Meg! That was really something, eh? He pulled it off nicely, I thought. :-))