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I was killing time while having the heater motor replaced on our Bronco and the mechanic pointed out this hawk that he says has been hanging around his shop for at least five years. Luckily, I had my camera with me. I am not a bird photographer, but I am pretty proud of this one. Lucky shot!!
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Comments on this photo:

Dec 18 2008 00:36 GMT LisaSam67
He modeled for you. Very nice shot Doug!
Dec 18 2008 01:09 GMT ashdad PRO
Wow! He is beautiful. Great photo.
Dec 18 2008 04:30 GMT 23r0
California RSHAs are so beautiful!
Dec 18 2008 04:36 GMT Y6KIAN
Really great shot.
Dec 18 2008 10:03 GMT Papagena
It's rather singular that a motor problem can give satisfaction !!!!!
Dec 18 2008 10:47 GMT mcdonegal1 PRO
Great capture Doug! Denise has serious competition now!
Dec 18 2008 13:12 GMT JPHarr
I thought you did your own automotive work...?! Getting too old for that twisting yourself under the dashboard crap?
Dec 18 2008 17:30 GMT yvon
this is great
Dec 18 2008 20:43 GMT sini
Beautiful capture!:)
Dec 18 2008 21:39 GMT Koren
Great shot Doug!
Dec 19 2008 00:44 GMT dougrun PRO
Thanks, Lisa!!
Dec 19 2008 00:45 GMT dougrun PRO
Ashdad, thank you!!
Dec 19 2008 00:45 GMT dougrun PRO
Yes they are, I was happy this one sat there for me!!
Dec 19 2008 00:45 GMT dougrun PRO
Thanks, Y6KIAN!
Dec 19 2008 00:46 GMT dougrun PRO
It was indeed, Ruth! I took my camera along to kill some time and was very lucky!!
Dec 19 2008 00:47 GMT dougrun PRO
Thanks, Mary! Denise is very accomplished, where I am lucky. This is the best bird shot I have ever taken!!
Dec 19 2008 00:49 GMT dougrun PRO
JP, I do MOST of my own automotive work! This was an electrical prob and I was both in a bit of a rush and a bit lazy! Electrical gremlins are the worst, I usually end up replacing 3 things that are good to find the one that is bad. This turned out to be a bad blower motor and is under the hood, not under the dash. :-)) My Bronco has 232,000 miles and is 22 years old so I can't complain.. :-)) How's the Merc doing??
Dec 19 2008 00:49 GMT dougrun PRO
Thanks, Yvon!!
Dec 19 2008 00:50 GMT dougrun PRO
Thank you, Sini!!
Dec 19 2008 00:50 GMT dougrun PRO
Koren, thank you so much!!
Dec 19 2008 01:22 GMT ManiacMom PRO
dang! This is pretty good. Actually, it's damn good. :) Congrats!!!!
You will no longer be able to use my lenses, btw. :)))))
Dec 19 2008 02:52 GMT JPHarr
I looked at the Merc today. I don't start it up unless it's above about 40 degrees outside. A couple times per winter I let it run long enough to get really warmed up. Otherwise, we eye each other with summertime intents. ;-)
Jan 01 2009 00:22 GMT dougrun PRO
Denise, :'(( Thanks for the compliments though!
Jan 01 2009 00:23 GMT dougrun PRO
I know what you mean, my Bronco is daily driver but my 65 Bug is mostly a warm weather toy..