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HAIL! We just don't get hail in June! Can't say that anyu more. It lasted for about 10 seconds and the street was hot so it was gone about that fast as well!
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Comments on this photo:

Jun 23 2008 18:29 GMT sini
Great capture!:)
Jun 23 2008 18:30 GMT bennystr
GREAT shot, I like it a lot!
Jun 23 2008 18:37 GMT ManiacMom PRO
My poor plants! Hail in June. Well, I'll be go to hail. :)))
Jun 23 2008 18:43 GMT dougrun PRO
:-)). thanks, sini!
Jun 23 2008 18:44 GMT dougrun PRO
It was over so fast, I was in the house and by the time I grabbed my camera and ran out fron, it was dissipating! The back yard was full of hundreds of birds hiding and seeking cover from the hail, so I didn't want to go out the back door and drive them out into the hail.
Jun 23 2008 18:45 GMT dougrun PRO
The plants didn't seem to get hurt too badly. Luckily it didn't last long or our crop would have been in trouble!!!!!!
Jun 23 2008 18:55 GMT JPHarr
Everything happens to California. Pretty soon you won't be able to get insurance for ANYTHING. =(
Jun 24 2008 07:52 GMT rainbow71
Are you sure you weren't in NZ, it looks like our weather today, (and we are in winter).
Great shot.
Jun 24 2008 09:08 GMT Erica44
It is incredible .........but a beautiful serial of it!!!

Have a great day and Evening Dougrun :-)
Jun 24 2008 10:18 GMT Midworlder PRO
Not easy to portray those moments, let alone capture them . Well done
Jun 24 2008 15:23 GMT Cooler PRO
Wow hail in june, and I thought this could only happen here in Iceland ;-)))
Jun 24 2008 21:15 GMT dougrun PRO
No kidding! I still like it though! I guess I am just nuts!
Jun 24 2008 21:15 GMT dougrun PRO
Magenta, the only thing I trust about the weather is that it wil soon change!!!
Jun 24 2008 21:17 GMT dougrun PRO
Thank you! I think maybe all you Kiwis got together and sent me some cold frozen rain. Funny thouhg, it was 85 degrees at the time, at least on the ground level!! Thanks for visiting rainbow71!!
Jun 24 2008 21:17 GMT dougrun PRO
Thank you Roger! I appreciate the nice comment! Always means a lot!
Jun 24 2008 21:19 GMT dougrun PRO
I know! The guys in New Zealand said the same thing! It was 85 before and after the hail, very weird!!!!!!!! It melted fairly quickly, obviously!! Thanks, cooler for stopping by!
Jun 25 2008 13:33 GMT SIGMUND
wow, great capture dear Doug!!!
Jun 25 2008 21:25 GMT dougrun PRO
Thank you, Susana!! Now I am going to look at your site, the thumbnail caught my attention.... :-))