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Jomoud, this one is for you! I made a note to get a picture of it for you last summer. Sorry it took so long but here it is. Damburger opened in 1938 just as construction started on the Shasta Dam project. The dam was completed in 1945, creating Shasta Lake and generating most of the powere for Northern California. Danburger just celebrated it's 70th anniversary, having been continuously serving burgers from this spot since 1938. Yummy!!
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 23 2009 22:59 GMT jomoud PRO
Too bad you couldn't send me some of their delicacies:):)
Great shot Doug and excelelnt entry.
I am glad that the FT outtage did not make you forget about our weekly fun.
I hope you and Denise will have a wonderful weekend.
Jan 23 2009 23:20 GMT sini
Great landmark entry!:)
Jan 23 2009 23:32 GMT ManiacMom PRO
Great one, doug! It certainly is a historic landmark for our neck of the woods!
Jan 24 2009 04:34 GMT nzshutter PRO
Excellent entry Doug!! Great capture.
Jan 24 2009 11:54 GMT Papagena
Amusing entry, dear Doug !! Nevertheless, where are the clients ????
Jan 24 2009 16:59 GMT Koren
Great entry Doug, what do you recommend?? 'o)
Jan 24 2009 18:15 GMT mcdonegal1 PRO
Great choice of entry Doug!
Jan 24 2009 18:45 GMT yvon
yes!!! great idea and picture
Jan 24 2009 18:52 GMT lizzieb
Hey where is my burger Doug!! Great entry!!
Jan 24 2009 19:53 GMT dougrun PRO
I wish I could! You will just have to visit some day! Limited menu, hamburgers, fries and drinks! My kind of place! If you don't want a burger, go somewhere else!!
Jan 24 2009 19:54 GMT dougrun PRO
Thank you, Sini!
Jan 24 2009 19:54 GMT dougrun PRO
I know........... I think it is great that local businesses can survive over the years and not just leave us with the chain places
Jan 24 2009 19:55 GMT dougrun PRO
Thank you, Robin!!
Jan 24 2009 19:56 GMT dougrun PRO
There were a few inside, kind of cool outside and it was before the usual lunch rush. They are always busy at lunch time!!
Jan 24 2009 19:57 GMT dougrun PRO
Thanks, Koren! My fave is a double damburger original style, with mustard, onions and lettuce. :-))
Jan 24 2009 19:57 GMT dougrun PRO
Thank you, Mary!!
Jan 24 2009 19:58 GMT dougrun PRO
Thank you, Yvon!!
Jan 24 2009 19:59 GMT dougrun PRO
Thanks, Lizzie! I would mail you one but I bet a postal person would eat it long before it got to Europe!! :-))
Jan 25 2009 07:32 GMT PhotoPro PRO
My mouth is watering at 1:30 am - and I can even smell it from here. I'm a burger man myself - I could probably eat them exclusively!! :-))
Jan 25 2009 18:52 GMT dougrun PRO
I knew there was something I liked about you aside from your photos, I think I could live on burgers myself! Throw on some lettuce and tomato, cheese and you have all of the food groups covered!!