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"Jesus, en ti confio"
Ecuador 2015
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 06 2015 08:18 GMT Papagena
It's rather seldom that a dog is allowed to visit a church isn't it Dora !!!!
Jul 06 2015 12:27 GMT junne PRO
what are you doing in ecuador ? :-)))
Jul 06 2015 12:44 GMT doramandragora
It's not so unusual here, Ruth, street dogs often venture into churches... it's peaceful, and often someone will feed them.
Jul 06 2015 13:11 GMT will
Ruth so funny I was talking about missing dora...missing her and photos ohhhh welcome back great one dora
Jul 06 2015 15:47 GMT doramandragora
... war wieder Zeit zum Auswandern, Gunter. :)
Jul 06 2015 15:48 GMT doramandragora
How kind, Will. Hope you are doing well. :)
Jul 06 2015 20:38 GMT will
Yes they finally put my skull back in my head. That was a huge leap forward .now I am playing on My 3 new ukulele s mandolin guitar and harmonic as. Thank you dora I hope you're feeling better too..!
Jul 06 2015 20:42 GMT will
I like it mucho
Jul 07 2015 00:11 GMT junne PRO
would have been a much better choice for me too, instead of where i ended up. i speak the language, while here i refuse to learn. your choice was a good one.
Jul 07 2015 00:26 GMT will
Jul 07 2015 08:54 GMT MargNZ
Nice to see you popping in Dora :)
Jul 07 2015 12:59 GMT doramandragora
Hi Margret. How lovely to read from you! How have you been?
Jul 07 2015 22:01 GMT MargNZ
I am fine Dora and I hope all is well with you :))
Jul 08 2015 13:07 GMT will
It was only the money chamgers that he so rightfully tossed out!!

In my opinion.
Jul 08 2015 22:36 GMT doramandragora
Question, Gunter: why won't you learn Chinese?
Jul 08 2015 22:37 GMT doramandragora
All really good here, Margaret. Thank you. :)
Jul 08 2015 22:41 GMT doramandragora
Haven't got a clue, Will.
Sep 02 2015 13:04 GMT senna3
So nice to see you back at FT Doris!
I am back at FT for a few weeks now too and only today I noticed your photos!
Hope you stay!
Sep 02 2015 21:43 GMT doramandragora
Hi Peter, thank you for the lovely welcome. :) I look forward to catch up with you soon and see where you have been in the last year.
I hope you will stay, too. :)