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bulli lookout overlooking wollongong and its beaches
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 02 2011 05:46 GMT Annamaria
WOWWWW! Thats some view you have, D...!! ;-))
Feb 02 2011 06:00 GMT dogies1
the beaches down there would have been full today annamaria we had a very hot day today
Feb 02 2011 06:21 GMT teddybear2
very beautiful. I guess it will be very different up the the north part of Queensland at the moment with "yasi" on its way. I have a grandson and daughter in law in McKay on the edge of things. Very scary stuff.
Feb 02 2011 06:42 GMT dogies1
yes it is teddybear QLD cant take a trick i have nieces and a brother in that area so hoping every thing is ok
Feb 02 2011 10:55 GMT superJoan
I yearn for Wollongong and absent friends.....they live in Fairy meadow
Feb 02 2011 11:36 GMT dogies1
its a nice area joan
Feb 02 2011 13:22 GMT Littleollie
Great view here Dogie. We have had a cooler week so far, mid to low thirties.
Our attention is on Queensland also, It's less than an hour before it is supposed to hit the coast and what we have seen so far is bad enough. We saw what Cyclone Tracy did to Darwin and what Cartrina did to the South of the US; and they say this is biggest.
May their God be with them.
Feb 02 2011 22:52 GMT dogies1
hey ollie QLDcant take a trick at the moment alot of damage but no loss of life which is wonderful news
Feb 02 2011 22:55 GMT bennystr
Such a beautiful view!
Feb 02 2011 23:56 GMT dogies1
tks benny
Feb 02 2011 23:59 GMT marijke06
lovely view
Feb 03 2011 00:00 GMT dogies1
tk u marijke
Feb 03 2011 00:42 GMT potterjo
Wonderful view! Feel for those in Queensland, they have been through so much and now this.
Feb 03 2011 07:38 GMT senna3
A grand panorama!
Feb 03 2011 07:51 GMT MargNZ
Fantastic view Dogie :)
Feb 03 2011 08:23 GMT dogies1
tk u senna
Feb 03 2011 08:24 GMT dogies1
tk u marg
Feb 03 2011 08:24 GMT dogies1
they arent having much luck at all jo
Feb 03 2011 09:28 GMT skyball
Great view...lovely shot!!!!!!......
Feb 03 2011 11:01 GMT dogies1
tks skyball
Feb 03 2011 14:29 GMT Papagena
Beautiful landscape inviting to have some holidays !!

It's really a very bad beginning of 2011 with all these awful nature disasters !! Too much water, too much snow, too heavy storms, and even fires........... And not to forget the events in Tunisia and Egypt..............
Feb 04 2011 04:14 GMT martini957
Gorgeous view!!!
Feb 05 2011 04:10 GMT dogies1
tk u papagena
Feb 05 2011 04:10 GMT dogies1
tk u martini
Feb 07 2011 11:48 GMT abojovna PRO
Terrific panoramic photo!
Feb 07 2011 16:51 GMT soldier
Amazing view!!!!!!!!!!!!
Feb 18 2011 05:50 GMT slobodan
nice view
Feb 18 2011 07:46 GMT dogies1
tks slobodan