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Squid, cucumber, radish and cashew nuts with citrus-chilli dressing,

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Comments on this photo:

Aug 29 2014 21:28 GMT larrybenedict
I like your plate. The dish sounds good. I'm wondering if the squid is "chewy"...tough?
Aug 30 2014 00:53 GMT dinner
My squid is never tough or chewy!

The short cooking time leaves it melt-in-them-outh
Aug 30 2014 16:35 GMT larrybenedict
That explains why the squid looks raw.:-)))
Aug 30 2014 16:50 GMT dinner
The squid is definitely not raw. It is cooked through.

There are only two ways to cook squid. Very quickly or very slowly. Two minutes or two hours. Anything in between will result in shoe leather.
20 hours ago larrybenedict
Have you ever read Harold McGee's book: "On Food and Cooking?" One of my favorite reference books. You and Günter seem like pretty good cooks. Well, at least you cook things that look good to me...stuff I wouldn't be afraid to eat.
19 hours ago dinner
Yes, I've read "On Food and Cooking". I also follow his blog at http://curiouscook.typepad.com/ and his Twitter account.