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The world's most adorable cats: Groucho and Hugo!


The world's most adorable cats: Groucho and Hugo!
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 06 2004 09:59 GMT sylvia PRO
Very very cute!
Oct 06 2004 13:54 GMT lmc PRO
Oct 06 2004 15:24 GMT PennyLane PRO
very cute - but not the *most* adorable - sorry! :)
Oct 06 2004 16:27 GMT dgans
They are so amazingly sweet together, you must admit.
Oct 07 2004 07:50 GMT nan
Ya, I gotta admit, they're very cute. Sweet together like this, for sure. Indeed, adorable. But the *most*?? Hmmmmm, might just be reaching a tad far with that one. Close, but not quite the whole cigar. Unless, of course, one takes this to mean a purely personal opinion sort of statement, in which case there's no arguing the point anyhow. And yes, I have to admit, they are mighty fine guys!
Oct 07 2004 23:49 GMT PennyLane PRO
OK - you got me there! I will admit that they do look very sweet!
Is Groucho the one that looks a bit - er - um - grouchy? (Not that that's a bad thing :)
Oct 14 2004 18:08 GMT kmc PRO
Groucho does look like he has a moustache.
Oct 15 2004 05:01 GMT MrSelfDestruct PRO
This is exactly why Pondy wants the whole thing shut down. Please, get a grip. I like c*ats as much as the next, but this will degenerate into nothing but tree hugging if we don't get a grip.

They are such cuties though.

Coochie choochie!
Oct 18 2004 04:13 GMT Pueo PRO
I'd rather cats cuddling than cars crashing. Then again that's subjective too isn't it.