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Eden Project, Cornwall.
Picture Taken From Viewing Deck.
Web Site: http://www.edenproject.com/

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Comments on this photo:

Jun 20 2006 14:04 GMT deefer PRO
Lol, very good justju.
Jun 20 2006 14:06 GMT michelly
nice photo! Ive been there and i think this project is quite interesting. It is nice to see how was this area before the project and how they had it transformed.
Jun 20 2006 14:07 GMT deefer PRO
Yes michelly, a lot of work has gone into it.
Jun 20 2006 15:16 GMT losp

Beautifully taken foto, esp in View Original version
And modernity in countryside Cornwall + great
tourist attraction there !!! :o) .. lol ..
Jun 20 2006 18:27 GMT deefer PRO
Thank you losp.
Jun 20 2006 19:15 GMT Blandine
beautiful soap bubble ! impressive !!!
Jun 20 2006 19:35 GMT soldier
Wonderful... amazing pic! This is the future!!!!!
Jun 20 2006 19:42 GMT Elise
great picture.....
Jun 20 2006 19:53 GMT omicron
... interessante progetto!
Jun 20 2006 22:24 GMT deanbed
Very good shot, one of my must do's!
Jun 21 2006 06:10 GMT johnwatson68
Looks like a set from science fiction movie .... can you explain to us Antipodeans what it is?
Jun 21 2006 07:12 GMT deefer PRO
Hi John, here is all the info about the Eden Project: http://www.edenproject.com/
Jun 21 2006 07:19 GMT johnwatson68
Thanks ......what an incredible place!! Don't believe that it's been publicised down here.
Jun 21 2006 11:48 GMT Adamus
It is my dream to get to know Cornwall.
Jun 21 2006 11:51 GMT deefer PRO
It is a very beautiful area Adamus.
Jun 21 2006 14:37 GMT cornisheyes
Welcome back Lucien hope you enjoyed your travels around Cornwall I see you visited The Famouse Eden project did you know that they did a shoot for one of the 007 movies a few years ago ??
Jun 21 2006 14:42 GMT deefer PRO
No, I had no idea, and yes, I did enjoy my travels in Cornwall.
Our search for a bungalow was also successful.
Jun 22 2006 10:31 GMT Kaska
great picture!
and I like the project, would like to visit the place
Jun 22 2006 10:34 GMT deefer PRO
If you like plants it's a must see Kaska.
Jun 24 2006 09:02 GMT fredaH
woooowwwwwwwwww interesting to look at..
Jun 24 2006 09:04 GMT deefer PRO
Thank you fredaH.
Jun 24 2006 09:30 GMT limE
gasps... i thought the eden is a temporary project (saw it in architectural books)... but visiting the website, it seems functionably working and getting awards! wOw...
Jun 24 2006 09:40 GMT deefer PRO
Yes limE its doing very well.
Jun 24 2006 16:14 GMT litz
Superb interesting photo!!!
Jun 24 2006 16:38 GMT deefer PRO
Thank you litz.