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Comments on this photo:

Aug 07 2006 21:34 GMT deefer PRO
O Yes! :o)) thank you Mike.
Aug 07 2006 21:44 GMT deefer PRO
Yes Mike, I,m way ahead of you, I get it alright. :o))
Aug 07 2006 21:48 GMT deefer PRO
Thanks again Mike. :o))
Aug 07 2006 22:40 GMT deefer PRO
Lol, I knew what you ment Mike. :o))
Aug 08 2006 00:36 GMT losp

Brilliantly neat, clean & beautiful .. very creatively done .. an excellent foto !!!!!!
Aug 08 2006 08:18 GMT deefer PRO
Thank you losp.
Aug 08 2006 11:59 GMT Adamus
Very beautiful photo.
Aug 08 2006 11:59 GMT deefer PRO
Thank you Adamus.
Aug 08 2006 14:19 GMT johnwatson68
OK ....... I'll bite!!! ..... of Mitsubishi origin???????
Aug 08 2006 14:24 GMT deefer PRO
Yes johnwatson68, spot on so far, it's a Shogun Sport Elegance.
Aug 08 2006 15:18 GMT deefer PRO
Lol, no way Mike, with this it's much better to be self drive don't you think? :o))
Aug 08 2006 15:28 GMT deefer PRO
Thanks for the offer Mike, but, I think I can manage. :o))
Aug 08 2006 15:32 GMT litz
Very sharp details!!!
The border/frame makes it more elegant looking!!!
Aug 08 2006 15:33 GMT deefer PRO
Thank you litz.
Aug 08 2006 18:05 GMT deefer PRO
Your right on there zanzess. :o))
Aug 08 2006 23:05 GMT deanbed
Very well taken!
Aug 08 2006 23:08 GMT deefer PRO
Thank you deanbed.
Aug 09 2006 07:34 GMT johnwatson68
Presently unknown in the Antipodes. Have you got an "outside" shot?
Aug 09 2006 07:54 GMT deefer PRO
Aug 14 2006 10:06 GMT waheed01
wow....nice shooooooooot!!!!
Aug 14 2006 10:35 GMT deefer PRO
Thank you waheed01.
Aug 14 2006 17:23 GMT indiana
great idea!!
Aug 14 2006 17:33 GMT deefer PRO
Thank you indiana.
Feb 03 2007 22:37 GMT isfirdingur
Nice picture of a nice car, but why is everything on the mrsīs side? Is she the driver?
Feb 04 2007 00:38 GMT deefer PRO
Hi isfirdingur, no, she is not the driver, we drive on the left here in the UK, that's why the wheel is on the right.
Feb 04 2007 11:10 GMT isfirdingur
Yes, I know! I just had to make this little joke about it. Me and my wife spent a few days in Scotland last spring, flew in to Glasgow, rented a car and drove up along the Loch Lomond and the line of Lochs up to Inverness, to Aberdeen, west to Braemar and down through Blairgowrie to Perth( with a long stop at the Drummond gardens), Sterling and Glasgow again. Very strange getting used to not only driving on the left side, but also driving from the passengerīs seat. We here in Iceland drove on the left side years before, but moved over to the right side on May 26th, 1968. I was 11 years old then, and still on a bike!
Feb 04 2007 11:25 GMT deefer PRO
Lol, I wasn't sure if you were joking or not, I thought I had better explain, just in case. :o)
Wow isfirdingur, great trip you had in Scotland.
That was a massive change you had in your country changing from the left to the right, being that all the road signs needed to be changed as well, must have cost the goverment a fortune.
Feb 05 2007 00:23 GMT isfirdingur
The population in 1968 has prob. been around 200 -210.000 people. The explosion in "cars pr. home" had not begun in that time, so cars pr. 1000 inhabitants were much fewer. It was a rather big task, though.