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A question for you: What is the value of this coin in pounds sterling?
I'll give the answer on Friday 7th July.

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Comments on this photo:

Jul 06 2006 14:17 GMT bertel
10oz of pure gold ? one of my cameraobjectives Do we have a deal ???
Jul 06 2006 14:21 GMT deefer PRO
No, one ounce of pure gold, not 10 bertel.
Jul 06 2006 14:41 GMT tiller
Price is about 800.-- CHF = 360 pounds
Jul 06 2006 15:45 GMT losp

Gold price was U$ 630 an oz on Wednesday .. and
the S African kruggerrand = 1 oz gold.

So, convert U$ 630 into English pounds (U$ 1 = 0.5441 pounds)

i.e. 342.78 or 343 English pounds ..
Jul 06 2006 16:15 GMT bertel
OK but I am interested anyway ( I have also cheap objectives ) :o) he he he
Jul 06 2006 17:17 GMT litz
take care of the price.-)) any profit:))??
very neat shot!!
Jul 06 2006 17:32 GMT Anjelikka
Jul 06 2006 19:05 GMT bennystr
I'll say about 350, as said above
Jul 06 2006 19:40 GMT Blandine
I 'll say : 321 or more !
Jul 07 2006 00:32 GMT deefer PRO
The value of the coin 358.00 (5 July 2006) tiller was the closest.
The value does vary from time to time depending on the price of gold.
Jul 07 2006 10:11 GMT neet
56 quid :op
Jul 07 2006 10:11 GMT neet
nice pic btw :O))
Jul 07 2006 11:13 GMT johnwatson68
Wish that I had a basket full of them!!!!
Jul 07 2006 11:51 GMT deefer PRO
Yes, so do I John. :o))
Jul 07 2006 14:30 GMT johnwatson68
Well ... if you find any let me know .... I'll go you halves? :->>
Jul 07 2006 14:41 GMT deefer PRO
Yes, I bet you would John. :o))
Jul 11 2006 09:23 GMT losp

deefer .. For your info : SINGAPORE, 2006 July 5 (Reuters) - Gold
rose more than 1 percent to around $630 an ounce on Wednesday,
its highest level in a month, on safe-haven buying after North Korea's
launch of several missiles. But selling pressure resurfaced at higher
levels as many speculators remained cautious after gold fell to a
three-month low of $543 in mid-June from a 26-year high of $730 on
May 12.

Its value also depends on the U$-Pound exchange rate which changes
in terms of seconds and minutes !!

Jul 11 2006 09:51 GMT deefer PRO
Thanks losp, I've sent you a message.
Jul 27 2006 17:35 GMT LizSA
Being off line for so long....I am so glad I went back on your site..... South Afrika.....Kruger Rand....1974..... Oh what a valuable piece 1 OZ...wow
I am going to look for ours in the safe, I think it is half oz...look out on my ft for it........
Jul 27 2006 22:05 GMT deefer PRO
Ok LizSA, will do.
Jul 28 2006 18:35 GMT LizSA
Oh Deefer, I tried to foto it today, it doesn't come out nice, I will wait for my son -in -law to come and visit then he can use his nice camera for the foto...I have have half oz, like yours 1998.......my husband has a special addition one half oz, leopard with a deer in his mouth...they drag their prey up a tree....so that will be in about 2 month's time...(but you have a very precious piece there.......) the Rand/pd exchange is R12.98 per 1....
Jul 28 2006 20:42 GMT deefer PRO
OK LizSA, let me know as soon as you have the picture, I look forward to seeing it.
Dec 30 2006 12:55 GMT cikku
Wishing you to have lots of these and lots of happiness in the New Year. Thanking you for your kind comments on my work. May you and everyone have a happy and prosperous New Year 2007!!
Dec 30 2006 12:58 GMT deefer PRO
Thank you cikku, and a very happy new year to you and your family.
I love all your work, great.