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A hawk with it's kill a white dove, taken in my front garden through the glass window of our front room with camera at close to max zoom.
Mind you, as you will note, it still saw me.
Here is a link to a short film of the event:

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Comments on this photo:

Jan 09 2007 00:48 GMT losp

Great capture of the scene of crime ..
and he saw you spotting his murdering
act :o) jokingly .. Very sharp imaging,
despite the distance => you must have
very very steady hands !!! .. Best wishes
to deefer & wife. ~~
Jan 09 2007 01:11 GMT Laurie
SWEET!! Great shot, and good for you to see this, as it is Nature in it's finest...smile
Jan 09 2007 07:47 GMT Tavascarow
Shame for the dove.
Great capture of a sparrow hawk.
Jan 09 2007 08:31 GMT deefer PRO
Yes, thank you losp.
Jan 09 2007 08:31 GMT deefer PRO
Thank you Laurie.
Jan 09 2007 08:32 GMT deefer PRO
Thank you Tavascarow.
Jan 09 2007 08:56 GMT cikku
Great capture my friend. Believe me, if the hawk was seen here in my country it would not be shot at by a camera but by gunshots! We have a lot of hunters here in this little island.
Jan 09 2007 09:00 GMT deefer PRO
Hi cikku, really, not over here, they are a protected bird here in the UK.
Jan 09 2007 10:10 GMT stuboy
This is just amazing.
Nice one :-))))))
Jan 09 2007 10:18 GMT deefer PRO
Thank you stuboy.
Jan 09 2007 12:56 GMT senna3
A unique picture!!
Jan 09 2007 12:58 GMT deefer PRO
Thank you senna3.
Jan 09 2007 18:05 GMT genese
excellent capture! going to watch the film :)
Jan 09 2007 18:07 GMT genese
wow quite a event! greatly caught
Jan 09 2007 18:58 GMT deefer PRO
Thank you genese.
Jan 10 2007 07:57 GMT mel123uk
Its not nice but I would have loved to see that, nature well captured
Jan 10 2007 08:58 GMT deefer PRO
Thank you mel123uk.
Jan 11 2007 20:53 GMT bertel
fantastic moment you caught here. Congratilation with this shot
Jan 11 2007 23:05 GMT deefer PRO
Thanks bertel.
Jan 11 2007 23:22 GMT deefer PRO
Yes, I argee, I was lucky, a once in a lifetime event and a camera to hand with a charged battery, "very lucky!"
Jan 11 2007 23:48 GMT deefer PRO
Just had a look at your picture of the Cornish enemy, it's a real stunner, a true show stopper.
Jan 15 2007 23:19 GMT crewski
A really honest and interesting shot, thanks deefer.
Hope your first Cornish Christmass was a good one.
Jan 15 2007 23:22 GMT deefer PRO
That is was crewski, thank you.
Jan 15 2007 23:50 GMT bennystr
Great capture, both of you!
Jan 15 2007 23:52 GMT deefer PRO
Thank you bennystr.
Jan 15 2007 23:53 GMT iyerhari
Great catch, very difficult to get such photos!
Jan 15 2007 23:55 GMT deefer PRO
Thank you iyerhari.
I was very lucky.
Jan 16 2007 16:12 GMT Minz PRO
Fantastic capture !

Am sad, but everyone needs to eat.
Jan 16 2007 16:15 GMT deefer PRO
Yes, thank you Minz.
Jan 17 2007 00:18 GMT GeoffReeves
Superb photo!! well done.:-)
Jan 17 2007 09:21 GMT deefer PRO
Thank you Geoff.
Jan 17 2007 09:35 GMT Doody PRO
Beautiful shot - we have seen a Sparrow hawk taking a short cut through our garden in the last few weeks, but he is just passing through at high speed.,..
PS... Are you busy on Sunday, a few of us are getting together down Marazion at 10.30-11.00 to take some pics of the mount & marshes and then possibly have a bit of lunch.... Pete
Jan 17 2007 09:46 GMT deefer PRO
Thank you Doody, yes, sorry, am busy Sunday, great idea though, thanks for the invite.
Jan 21 2007 23:54 GMT wifey
Magnificent bird (hawk)… just surviving… great journalism.
Jan 21 2007 23:57 GMT deefer PRO
Thank you wifey.
Jan 28 2007 12:19 GMT romanianplace
great shoot!
Jan 28 2007 12:20 GMT deefer PRO
Thank you romanianplace.
Jan 28 2007 12:23 GMT ibbyblam
What a find! I'll bet it was quite something to actually witness it - nature in all it's glory. Great shot :))
Jan 28 2007 12:26 GMT deefer PRO
Yes ibbyblam, I couldn't believe it, you wouldn't normally see this in the wild let alone in your front garden.