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Our New Home In Cornwall

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Comments on this photo:

Sep 22 2006 09:17 GMT Foggydew
you made it - well done - great light in your new home - and that grass will get greener and greener now :)
Sep 22 2006 09:19 GMT deefer PRO
Thanks Foggydew, I hope so. :o)
Sep 22 2006 09:40 GMT losp

Home, sweet home in a new, great, rural Cornwall ..
Wishing you + your dear wife all the best in comforts,
joys, happiness, prosperity & health in the new home ..
Haha, there is one little visitor already knocking at your
sliding door .. OhOhOh, one of your most memorable fotos ..
My warmest congratulations to you !!!
Sep 22 2006 10:11 GMT deefer PRO
Thank you very much losp for you lovely message.
Sep 22 2006 10:14 GMT deefer PRO
Thank you justju, yes, it is very nice.
Sep 22 2006 11:56 GMT bennystr
Beautiful, enjoy it!
Sep 22 2006 11:59 GMT deefer PRO
Thank you bennystr.
Sep 22 2006 12:45 GMT neet
very nice deefer u have a goose too????????????
Sep 22 2006 13:13 GMT deefer PRO
Thank you neet, yes, we've a goose as well, mind you, it's only a very heavy model one. :o))
Sep 22 2006 21:26 GMT GeoffReeves
Home sweet home.Enjoy your new place.!
Sep 22 2006 22:47 GMT deefer PRO
Thank you Geoff, I'm sure I will.
Sep 23 2006 07:15 GMT johnwatson68
Wonderful!! Hope that you're very happy there. I would be.
Sep 23 2006 07:33 GMT deefer PRO
Thank you Johnwatson68.
Sep 23 2006 10:30 GMT Blandine
very beautiful house ! Have good time in your new place !!!!
Sep 23 2006 10:36 GMT deefer PRO
Thank you Blandine.
Sep 23 2006 11:03 GMT Pam
Looks lovely; doing any holiday bookings? Cornwall is a special place.
Sep 23 2006 11:40 GMT deefer PRO
lol, Thank you Pam.
Sep 23 2006 16:28 GMT cikku
welcome back my dear deefer.....wish you all the luck for you and your family in your new home...it really looks nice!
Sep 23 2006 16:46 GMT deefer PRO
Thank you cikku.
Sep 23 2006 20:27 GMT Elise
beautiful house!!
Sep 23 2006 20:27 GMT deefer PRO
Thank you Elise.
Sep 24 2006 16:24 GMT helton
......it transmit me a lot of peace Deefer.....BTW....the goose...walking around...is A EXPLENDID VISITOR ....ahahahah......GGGGGREAT JOB & AWESOME GREEN ...DEEFER.......
Sep 24 2006 16:27 GMT deefer PRO
Thank you helton.
Sep 24 2006 20:54 GMT cornisheyes
Glad your move went swift & peace happy snapping around the to cornish landscape watch of for pirates my hearty lol
Sep 24 2006 21:04 GMT deefer PRO
Thank you cornisheyes, I will.
Sep 24 2006 21:18 GMT ahmetturker
Sep 24 2006 21:19 GMT deefer PRO
Thank you ahmetturker.
Sep 25 2006 15:39 GMT iyerhari
Beautiful and well maintained bungalow, wish you all the best :)
Sep 25 2006 15:42 GMT deefer PRO
Thank you iyerhari.
Sep 26 2006 13:28 GMT SIGMUND

Sep 26 2006 15:37 GMT deefer PRO
Thank you SIGMUND.
Sep 26 2006 18:19 GMT deefer PRO
Thanks Powermike.
Sep 27 2006 08:59 GMT Doody PRO
Welome to Cornwall deefer... our paths may cross. Pete
Sep 27 2006 09:00 GMT deefer PRO
Hi Pete, you never know. :o))
Oct 06 2006 20:34 GMT LizSA
Congratulations...beautiful home....very nice place....enjoy your stay in
Cornwall...at least the computer is connected again....good for you....
and that is why the windmill and the duck is so fresh and new looking....
great effect.!!!
we wish for many uploads from beautiful CORNWALL.....!
Oct 06 2006 20:37 GMT deefer PRO
I intend to do just that as soon as I can LizSA, but, a lot of work at home just at the moment getting everything as we want it.
Oct 08 2006 20:48 GMT crewski
I hope you are very happy there.
Oct 08 2006 22:09 GMT deefer PRO
Thank you crewski.