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Tags cctv



Taken on CCTV.
Yes, it's me, just returning after taking the bin bags to the bottom of our drive.
Needs to be done early every Monday morning, as the bin men arrive 7.30 AM, can't do it the night before as the sea gulls would rip them open.
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 23 2006 08:05 GMT sini
Looks very mysterious..
Oct 23 2006 08:11 GMT deefer PRO
Thanks for your comment sini.
Oct 23 2006 08:25 GMT Foggydew
haha - like out of a spy film :)
Oct 23 2006 08:59 GMT deefer PRO
Yes, your right Foggydew, has that look.
Oct 25 2006 07:28 GMT johnwatson68
I could sell you some stronger bin bags that don't taste too good either!!!
Oct 25 2006 07:37 GMT deefer PRO
Thanks John, but you haven't seen the Gulls round here, lol.
The people here call them the enemy.
Oct 25 2006 15:39 GMT losp

deefer as mystery man here ! .. it looks as if
deefer is commanding the wheelbarrow to move
forward on its own [ I don't see the 2 handles
of the wheelbarrow :o) + lol on my words here ] !!!
Great, interesting shot and a good morning exercise !

Oct 25 2006 15:41 GMT deefer PRO
Thank you losp.
Oct 25 2006 17:31 GMT crewski
I say I say. Why do seagulls have big wings?
Oct 25 2006 18:28 GMT deefer PRO
I've no idea crewski, Why do seagulls have big wings?
Oct 26 2006 08:30 GMT crewski
To get to the dump before the gypsies
Oct 26 2006 08:32 GMT deefer PRO
Lol, YES VERY GOOD crewski. :o))
Oct 31 2006 09:15 GMT deefer PRO
Thank you Mike.
Oct 31 2006 22:22 GMT wifey
Oh… seagulls! … wow… and I thought dogs and raccoons were a problem… at least they don't fly. :)
Oct 31 2006 22:34 GMT deefer PRO
Lol, no your right there, and I bet they don't take the food from your hand ether, the gulls round here will given the opportunity.
Nov 06 2006 12:22 GMT neet
nice to finally see u :o)
Nov 06 2006 12:32 GMT deefer PRO
Yes, thank you neet.
Nov 08 2006 19:43 GMT fainmen
Great Capture
Nov 08 2006 19:45 GMT deefer PRO
Thanks fainmen.
Nov 13 2006 08:37 GMT genese
dont you love the sea gulls..... not sure why you have ctv in cornwall lol...... another day and nothing much happened
Nov 13 2006 08:41 GMT deefer PRO
I understand your question, but, I like security, as you never know what the future holds.
Your not suggesting there is no crime in Corwall I take it?
Nov 13 2006 16:47 GMT genese
no lol ..... its was a joke on peoples idillic view of cornwall
Nov 13 2006 17:28 GMT deefer PRO
No, quite right genese. :o))