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Early morning starlings arrive for breakfast
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 13 2013 09:17 GMT superJoan
Ready for warmer climates
Oct 13 2013 12:02 GMT daveb
Probably - not sure if or where Starlings migrate. They are certainly filling u0p with seeds from the date palms here on the Isle of Wight
Oct 19 2013 08:07 GMT superJoan
Actually some Starlings, not all, migrate.They come from Scandinavia for winter here and go back to breed in February.
Oct 19 2013 08:45 GMT daveb
We used to get huge numbers which sadly declined - but this year there are more again. Wonderful how they act in unison - just as some shoals of fish do
Oct 25 2013 08:57 GMT MargNZ
Great photo of the birds on the wires Dave :)
Oct 25 2013 10:18 GMT daveb
Thanks Marg - sad about seeing that one on it's own a few days later - hope the flock didn't migrate and leave it6 behind. If they did - I'll see that it's fed through the Winter
Nov 29 2013 00:56 GMT martini957
Cool capture
Nov 29 2013 08:32 GMT daveb
Thankyou Martin
Jan 26 2014 09:55 GMT VandA
Excellent photo, love it!
Jan 26 2014 11:12 GMT daveb
They have all gone to their Winter quarters now - wherever starlings go
Jan 27 2014 16:07 GMT Snappa1
I like their chatter. We had a large conifer blow down in the storm two weeks ago and it was where hundreds of starlings roost.. Now they've had to find new homes, and I've got a hundred or so in the tree outside my bedroom window..I hope theyre not all going to wake up at 3.30am in the Summer!
Jan 28 2014 06:42 GMT daveb
Yes - where you see them in this picture - there is an ornamental palm tree just below and they love the seeds. - They all fly down together - then all fly away together. Starlings stay together very much as a flock