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Shed window & me
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 12 2014 15:51 GMT EveCN
hello there ^_^
Sep 12 2014 16:11 GMT daveb
Hello to you Eve
Sep 12 2014 16:35 GMT gtc126
Great Reflections!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dave!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sep 12 2014 18:09 GMT bandsix
Hello Dave...nice to see you!
Sep 13 2014 05:10 GMT daveb
Thakyou Gtc
Sep 13 2014 05:12 GMT daveb
Hi Bandsix - thankyou - A sunny day on the Isle of Wight
Sep 13 2014 21:20 GMT georgygirl2
hello dave nice to put a face to the name! lol
Sep 14 2014 05:26 GMT daveb
Thanks Georgygirl - sadly our geraniums are now just about finished - until next year
Sep 14 2014 07:44 GMT Esben
Hi ! nice catch.
Sep 14 2014 12:32 GMT daveb
Hi Esben - sunshine and ......... Ooh there's me!
Sep 15 2014 17:00 GMT Pam
Sep 16 2014 06:36 GMT daveb
Than you Pam
Oct 12 2014 13:17 GMT will
great shot, dave!
Oct 12 2014 14:42 GMT daveb
Thank you Will. How's your weather I wonder - my Sunny afternoons have turned to rainy Autumn
Oct 12 2014 20:02 GMT will
oh, wow, it is too windy to even take my cam out today. I am preparing for winter and tying to put some shelter up for my outside cat friends. I'm using some of the wooden boards that were my fence that the wind eventually blew down! It's just out back where we let our three different dogs out to play a little. And me with them. We had loads of fun out there over the years. Now it's all about the cats! lol.....Fall has a way of ending very abruptly. It is always so shocking to get 2 feet of snow dumped on you when you weren't quite expecting it!! it's over a mile high up here in a mountainous valley so that is why, too!, thanks, dave! It has been very beautiful lately. That is what drew us out here to begin with. So far it looks like we've outlasted most people. Some people can't 'hack' it..) Especially the ones who come here from Las Vegas...lol..real wimps i.m.o.
Jan 04 2015 15:22 GMT will
Jan 04 2015 16:25 GMT daveb
Thanks again Will. Take care and best wishes for 2015 - Roll on Summer!
Feb 20 2015 08:09 GMT superJoan
Hi there Dave...reflections of a potting shed !!!!!
Feb 20 2015 09:03 GMT daveb
My wife's hide-away Joan - I hide in my allotment shed!