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Even though I don't drink my friends collect odd beer bottles for me !

Measuring man says we have a winner........

Thanks for all your comments folks, I'm still around butt not sure where sometimes..... Love you guys........Jan says hey !
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 28 2008 01:24 GMT mickmusser
Always like your little constructions. But I must say it is hard to believe that you could go a noodling cold sober. Must be further gone than I thought.
Aug 28 2008 03:11 GMT fhelsing PRO
I could use a beer ... it's hot here in Oakland CA today!
Aug 28 2008 04:35 GMT hbla PRO
hah! butt beer!

(sorry I always have to say that ;)

as always, nice to see you poke your head up.

fantastic beer art :)
Aug 28 2008 06:47 GMT Sheila PRO
You're in good company - Steve and I don't drink either. Hi to you and Hi to Jan! Keep taking 'em - the photos, that is!!
Aug 28 2008 07:00 GMT stuboy
You don't drink ????????
I'm almost ashamed to almost know you.
Aug 28 2008 07:45 GMT CeterusParibus
hey, curves .. keep 'em coming!
Aug 28 2008 18:35 GMT Lensvision
Nice one a always curves. Hi back to Jan.
Aug 28 2008 19:40 GMT felixdakilla
great compo.!
Aug 29 2008 03:30 GMT ashdad PRO
Neat image, but measuring man better be careful around those big butts.
Aug 29 2008 06:40 GMT Kaska
good to see you're still around.
HI to you and Jan!
Sep 02 2008 18:02 GMT pinko

..Hi :) ..
Sep 06 2008 01:13 GMT curves PRO
Hey to you too master
Sep 06 2008 10:17 GMT charlotte
received your pretty card yesterday, so lovely !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Post mine today to you, hope this time it will arive
Sep 07 2008 01:32 GMT curves PRO
Hugs & more Hugs..........C to C
Sep 08 2008 17:56 GMT pinko
Sep 18 2008 02:09 GMT hbla PRO
awesome beer macro!

good to see you around!
Sep 18 2008 13:40 GMT Steve PRO
Hey back to you and Jan, Pal. Take care.

Sep 20 2008 15:51 GMT monica
te mando un gran abrazo..
Sep 25 2008 07:59 GMT charlotte
huggs from here! huggie hug hug.....
Sep 27 2008 15:52 GMT kosmos PRO
Hello you two.
Lovely shapes.
Sep 28 2008 23:56 GMT Grimacher PRO
What a lovely surprise! Thank you for your card, Curves. I'm still making mine to you, but you can be sure you'll be getting one from me and Mr Pond very soon (I know I know...we're hopeless! The sentiment is always there..and we do try...we just don't get it together very well at the end of a long day!). Take care x
Oct 07 2008 20:07 GMT blue
sweet...big butt is the name of one of our box turtles..due to malnutrion before we got her, her shell didn't grow as fast as the rest of her...i know, a rude name for a woman, of any species...
i missed seeing you at the pink fair...weather was very good and i ended up saying "it's a corn snake" about 900 times. three weeks and i move to alaska. YAY.
wishing you well,
Oct 17 2008 20:12 GMT PinkPepperPhoto PRO
Oh this is too funny!!!
Oct 23 2008 10:31 GMT charlotte
how are you doing? kisses & best wishes from holland.
Nov 29 2008 21:11 GMT Grimacher PRO
Rooting for you. Sending good vibes across the pond x
Nov 30 2008 13:31 GMT curves PRO
Thanks Grimmer, I haven't given up yet, but the hill gets steeper everyday........

Be good and give Pondy a hug...............C
Nov 30 2008 16:46 GMT Grimacher PRO
Sure will.

It's good to see you around. Love to Jan too.....hope she's keeping strong x
Nov 30 2008 20:33 GMT cedar99
Great to hear from you matey. Thinking of you both and love to you both x
Dec 18 2008 07:46 GMT charlotte
miss you!
Dec 28 2008 13:55 GMT Grimacher PRO
It's a bit late but seasons greetings to you both. Thinking of you x
Mar 01 2009 10:38 GMT blue
hey i am freeeezin up here in alaska..but i look at the box you gave me every day and it makes me feel warm :>)
Mar 28 2009 02:48 GMT alden PRO
Goodbye, curves. I will never forget you, even when your site is gone:

Mar 28 2009 03:30 GMT gr8ronkinroll PRO
I will miss you.
Mar 28 2009 03:48 GMT ashdad PRO
Farewell my friend.

May you rest in peace.
Mar 28 2009 05:52 GMT Kaska
farewell dear Curves.
I will miss you.
love and strenght to you Jan
Mar 28 2009 05:52 GMT tony PRO
No one could get more out of low-tech than you, nor delight and inspire more while doing so. See you next time around, compadre.
Mar 28 2009 06:43 GMT hbla PRO
you will always be one of those delightful and crazy wonders of the world.

carry on my friend.
Mar 28 2009 07:24 GMT slomoz
RIP, Dude.
Mar 28 2009 07:56 GMT marijke06
some people have to stay forever....an impossible wish....

we will miss you Curves
Mar 28 2009 08:50 GMT sini
You will be missed Curves..
Mar 28 2009 09:05 GMT Sheila PRO
A huge loss to all of us, but most of all to Jan. Our thoughts are with you. We have missed him for a long time but his friendship and his artwork will be with us for ever.
Mar 28 2009 09:23 GMT kosmos PRO
I'm so sorry to hear this. Curves was the first one to welcome me to Fotothing on December 15, 2004 and to comment on my very first photo. He was always so very kind. He was like a dear friend. I have the burl box he sent me right here beside me and it will always be a reminder.
He will be very much missed. My thoughts goes to Jan.
Mar 28 2009 10:07 GMT Steve PRO

I have posted some of my thoughs on this page:


Mar 28 2009 10:14 GMT Riet
I am shocked! What happened? Did he die suddenly?
May he rest in peace.
My sincere condolances, Jan.....
Mar 28 2009 12:14 GMT Pam
This is such sad news; RIP curves
Mar 28 2009 12:33 GMT kumarr
Nice Picture ...........................
Mar 28 2009 14:03 GMT Grimacher PRO
I'm saddened to finally hear this. The world needs more people like you. Rest in peace, Curves...
Mar 28 2009 14:03 GMT Lensvision
Rest in peace dear Curves, you will be missed.
My condolances to Jan.
Mar 28 2009 14:42 GMT pinko

..rip maestro ..
Mar 28 2009 14:44 GMT charlotte
Miss you so much!! Love to Jan.

Mar 28 2009 14:56 GMT LisaSam67
RIP friend :(
Mar 28 2009 15:32 GMT LittleOurkie PRO
I just heard.

My condolences to Jan. Curves added so much to Fotothing...His photography was a delight.He will be greatly missed.
Mar 28 2009 16:03 GMT pinko
Mar 28 2009 19:07 GMT fhelsing PRO
One of the DirtGirls that he gave us was blooming this morning. This is very early in the season, even for where I live. The flower has a wonderful fragrance, too ... it smells like chocolate.

He was such a generous soul, and I'm grateful for everything that he gave me ......
Mar 29 2009 02:01 GMT Haw59 PRO
RIP my friend. You were a true friend.
Mar 29 2009 03:35 GMT Poulet PRO
Farewell Curves..
You were a true friend and always so very kind to me...
I'll miss you and you'll always be in my heart.

My sincere condolances, Jan.....
Mar 29 2009 10:49 GMT abojovna PRO
Joined: Nov 16 2004
Last Online: Mar 29 2009

Farewell my friend. My deepest sympathy ...
Mar 29 2009 20:01 GMT GeoffReeves
Rest In Peace. G
Nov 09 2011 14:46 GMT TinaRTiller
Funny little figures :)