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........GoLYTELY........(A very clear misrepresentation of what it does)

I drank a gallon and a half of this stuff and spent 6 hours on the toilet in preparation for the butt scoping.........

I didn't have much else to do so I decided to read the ingredients....Low and behold it contains a cemical that we wood workers use to stabilize green wood to keep it from cracking/checking..... If I'd known ahead of time I could have brought my own and saved some money......

(Enlarge if you can't read what's above yellow line)

..........This is the wood stabelizer...........
Details for Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) Green Wood Stabilizer ...Specialty Finishes: Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) Green Wood Stabilizer. ... Wood is treated by submersing into the PEG/ water mix.
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Comments on this photo:

Jun 03 2008 00:00 GMT ashdad PRO
Go lightly? I doubt it.

Or is it Golly telly? Hope you have one in the WC.

In any event I hope the results are all negative.
Jun 03 2008 00:03 GMT PennyLane PRO
Good luck with the results - the waiting is scary (I know!)

That stuff looks awful - it should be illegal!!
Jun 03 2008 00:28 GMT curves PRO
Asher-Penny..........You have to drink 8oz. every ten minutes till either you or it is gone, and yes the results came out in the Neg...........
Jun 03 2008 00:42 GMT Haw59 PRO
Congratulation on the Neg but of course that means more tests to see what's the matter. Right? Hope you are feeling ok.
Jun 03 2008 04:41 GMT tony PRO
How'd it taste? A bit like antifreeze, maybe?
Jun 03 2008 11:49 GMT gilgamesh
'Neg' is always good!
BTW, thank you so much for introducing me to the expression, 'butt scoping'!
Jun 03 2008 14:25 GMT PinkPepperPhoto PRO
Don't know if mine had that ingredient............know the last stuff was citrus flavored. Yes, isn't that in anti-freeze??

Hope all came out alright, and results of "butt scope" neg.
Jun 03 2008 15:46 GMT fawn
get well soon my dear friend!
Jun 03 2008 17:40 GMT Kaska
get well soon!!
and we miss you here...
Jun 03 2008 18:19 GMT Lensvision
I thought the same as PinkPepper, isn't that anti freeze? I put that stuff in my car.
Jun 04 2008 10:41 GMT charlotte
We look every day to your beautiful woodwork, all Montello friend are intreged by the little box with the rattle snake tale in it.
You a so very special person that feels very warm for us and inspirating.
Get well soon!
Jun 04 2008 11:46 GMT simon PRO
Hoi - what's going on here? I disappear for a few weeks and come back to find the Old Man of the Trees is being given wood preservative? And a butt scope?

All joking aside, I'm sending you both my very best #1 grade, top flight good vibes.
Jun 04 2008 13:20 GMT 23r0
Ai yi yi! Hope everything came out okay.... .... ....
Jun 04 2008 22:31 GMT ajft PRO
I read it as golly telly, but then again, one of my cow-orkers wished another cow-orker "godspeed on your journey" and I couldn't work out if if should be pronounced "god speed on your journey" or "god's peed on your journey". Which I guess is vaguely related to the topic of the golly telly... cheers, all the best.
Jun 04 2008 23:42 GMT curves PRO
Ajft....You cracked me up...THANK YOU for that
Jun 04 2008 23:46 GMT curves PRO
Simon......... I tried to get a shot of the buttscope but all I remember is the nurse saying *Here comes the joy juice* and waking up 5 hours later in the hosp. bed with Dr. Who on tv..........They also fed me Meat after no food for 48 hrs......