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Photo uploaded: Nov 16 2004 21:45:27 GMT


Photo uploaded: Nov 16 2004 21:45:27 GMT
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 16 2004 21:49 GMT olya PRO
reminds me of that photographer that used the body as a landscape; stark white backgrounds just like here, B/W photo. anyone know who i am talking about?
beautiful photograph!!!
Nov 16 2004 21:57 GMT olya PRO
a-ha! i remembered (um... after some quick googling) it's Allan Teger's bodyscapes!
Nov 16 2004 22:13 GMT curves PRO
Yup Bodyscapes, met him in the late 80's at a showw in dc. He is the king of macro
Dec 02 2004 05:25 GMT BethySmethy
one of my favorites by far, the first i saw when i joined fotothing. your pictures are beautiful, you are definitely an inspiration.
Nov 16 2005 04:09 GMT WackyFaye
Curves, you are one of a kind. And that is a GOOD thing. So pleased that I have met you and I have enjoyed your contribution to this forum.
Nov 16 2005 11:56 GMT bertel
It was a good year :o)/B
Nov 16 2005 13:15 GMT curves PRO
AwwwwShucks Faye.....now I'm blushing
Nov 17 2005 07:24 GMT Glo
it's a great shot Curves ;)
Nov 17 2005 09:23 GMT fawn
thank you for great work and...
Jul 04 2007 20:23 GMT Peixy
very very lovely.