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Tags artfriday


new project, a window for a livingroom door
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 12 2007 19:18 GMT Riet
You are such a busy bee! :)))
Oct 12 2007 19:21 GMT yvon
now i can see it ! wonderful
Oct 12 2007 19:41 GMT corainna
hahahaha!I has faund a very nice place , a old big house and here in this pic i am at our new office of our organization. This is the work room and we will finish to decoraite the house in 2 weeks! we hope:).As you see i am really bussy and i just came home but i love hwat i do! I really love my work:)
Oct 12 2007 21:28 GMT grumpyoldtrout
An artist in jewellery. :-)) Very skilled.
Oct 12 2007 21:44 GMT Mariamel
I 'll wait to see the final result of these ;-)
Oct 12 2007 22:11 GMT Pietje
Wonderful picture Corina very nice place to work.
Oct 12 2007 22:33 GMT corainna
i hope since monday i will finish to painte it! but sunday is Santa Paraskeva and i dont think i will paint
Oct 12 2007 22:43 GMT abojovna PRO
You are very working woomen, beautiful photo!
Oct 12 2007 22:54 GMT corainna
hi Claudia! well you lerne me allredy:) you know i allwayse faund somehting to do:)
Oct 13 2007 00:06 GMT Detalhes
beautiful art you work in. I envy your crafty hands. Always wanted to learn about it. Great entry!
Oct 13 2007 01:42 GMT jomoud PRO
I wish I had your talent:)
Please show us when you have finished this work?
Enjoy the weekend.
Oct 13 2007 06:32 GMT corainna
i will post it here for shure:)
Oct 13 2007 06:33 GMT corainna
its eassy to doit, and if you will tray im shure yiu will doit, you neede only patience:) and cigars:)
Oct 13 2007 10:12 GMT LizSA
You did show us on a previous series how to do this work.....!!
It is beautiful,, you have the love for it, you have the patients to do it,
wonderful work Corina, we will love to see the finised product. as Jomoud has
Oct 13 2007 16:10 GMT corainna
monday i will start to painte it and i hope monday night will be redy! but the glass have 2 face and then i have to fix led on the ather saide of the glass too! and i have to make 2 glss the door have 2 windows.I hope it will be nice at the end:)
Oct 13 2007 19:19 GMT dcz
great project, nice foto.
Oct 13 2007 19:35 GMT corainna
thank you:)
Oct 14 2007 03:28 GMT Poulet PRO
I'm wating to see when you finished it! :))
Oct 14 2007 06:32 GMT corainna
i hope tomorrow one face of the windowglass will be finishet:)
Oct 14 2007 18:20 GMT annaschnitfink
I am sure the whole work of art - once the two parts are put into the window frames - will look fantastic, dear Corinna!!!
Oct 14 2007 21:38 GMT corainna
Thank you ANA! if they will laike it i will have a lot of work to do:) they have a big hotel and is going to be finish in march! If they will laike what i do i hope to have a contract for all main doors from hotel:)But i dont know! i will see:)
Oct 16 2007 02:25 GMT fhelsing PRO
I hope that they like it ... good luck!
Oct 21 2007 22:26 GMT Detalhes
:)))) Can I skip the cigars part???? ;))))))
Oct 22 2007 06:35 GMT corainna
hahahaha! in the pic yes:)