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I was pregnant...
I went to the docter fully expecting to hear the sound of my baby's heart beating, and instead, the room echoed only silence.
There are no words that can come close to explaining the emptiness that suddenly rushes in where just moments before there was only joy. I just had one question in my mind: “What happened? What happened to my baby?”
Early pregnancy loss is a difficult, painful loss and requires a lot of hard work to get through the emotional roller coaster.
Very rarely are there any real answers as to why the baby’s heart stopped beating, and that adds to the grief and pain of loss. We want answers, and we expect answers, but the fact is that often there are no answers to be found...

That's why i want to share a little poem with you my FT-friends:

We'll hold you in heaven, little Angel.

From the very beginning we loved you,
As we made plans to hold you and rock you:
You were tiny and helpless as you lay in my womb,
But something went wrong and soon you were gone;
My young heart is broken, my tears fall like rain,
I'd never known such heartache and pain.
I wonder who you look like, me or your dad,
Do you have my smile and his eyes?
Would you have been big and tall or tiny and small?
We had dreams for you that reached to the skies.
We still miss you so...
Thanks to Jesus, we'll see you in heaven.
We'll hold you in heaven someday,
When our trials on earth pass away;
The angels have rocked you, the Father watches over you,
We know you're waiting for us;
We never could hold you or tell you "Goodbye",
But we'll hold you in heaven someday.

Isabelle, David and Slim

I hope that the sun will shine soon...again...
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Comments on this photo:

Mar 16 2010 09:58 GMT LadyDaisy
Im so sorry for both of you dear, God bless You!
Mar 16 2010 10:02 GMT MargNZ
My sincere sympathy for your sad loss .. a wonderful tribute to your little angel.
Mar 16 2010 10:03 GMT coocki
Thank you LadyDaisy
Mar 16 2010 10:04 GMT coocki
thank you MargNZ
Mar 16 2010 11:06 GMT Midworlder PRO
So sorry to hear ... Kia kaha
Mar 16 2010 11:16 GMT coocki
thank you Midworlder
Mar 16 2010 11:18 GMT coocki
i will be strong!!
Mar 16 2010 16:25 GMT Rabbitwmn
My thoughts & heart are with you. Loss & grief are so difficult, but your ability to share with us shows that you are strong & will survive this.
Mar 16 2010 19:22 GMT gilbir
Oh Isabelle daat ass jo net schein wenschen Dir all courrage an daat deet mir wiirklech leed fir dech drecken dech ganz fest...
Mar 16 2010 20:29 GMT lynnj04
I'm so sorry for your loss something that many of us know how you feel and can share the heartache. That was a lovely poem and your little angel will be looking down on you with all their love until you finally meet xx
Mar 17 2010 06:44 GMT Aurelie444
Mar 17 2010 11:20 GMT otilia
fantastic view¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
Mar 17 2010 15:01 GMT coocki
thanks Rabbitwmn
Mar 17 2010 15:01 GMT coocki
merci Gilles
Mar 17 2010 15:02 GMT coocki
thanks lynnj04
Mar 17 2010 15:02 GMT coocki
Thanks Aurelie444
Mar 17 2010 15:02 GMT coocki
thanks otilia
Mar 17 2010 22:05 GMT Wildspirit PRO
So beautiful, so sad, so touching! I am truly sorry for your loss, but your poem relieves the pain. Jim
Mar 18 2010 07:42 GMT coocki
thank you very much Jim!
Mar 18 2010 09:39 GMT teddybear2
My thoughts are with you during such a difficult time. I hope your loved ones are cirled around you and your partner
Mar 18 2010 17:01 GMT cdc PRO
amasing capture
Mar 18 2010 17:02 GMT cdc PRO
sorry for your loose
Mar 19 2010 02:31 GMT peterpinhole
My heart goes out to you both on this very sad news of your great loss.
Wonderful image and poem to help with the healing...
Mar 19 2010 10:17 GMT will
Such a truly sad and heart rendering loss. But, in your sadness thank you for sharing your beautiful feelings filled with love and this photo which evokes a feeling of hope for the day you'll meet again. And I'm sure you will.
Mar 19 2010 10:53 GMT coocki
thank you teddybear2!
Mar 19 2010 10:54 GMT coocki
thank you cdc!
Mar 19 2010 10:54 GMT coocki
thank you peterpinhole!
Mar 19 2010 10:54 GMT coocki
thank you will!
Mar 19 2010 16:22 GMT hans55 PRO
so sorry to read this !! ... i hope the sun will shine soon again for you !!
Mar 19 2010 19:35 GMT Annamaria
I am very sorry to read about your loss, isabelle!

Loosing a child, born or unborn brings so much pain in ones life!!
You wrote a very lovely poem....

Your feelings will be felt in heaven... as will be your pain....

I hope that some day you will be blessed again... but this special child ill always be in your heart!

I wish the both of you strenght and love so you can process this loss together....
Mar 20 2010 12:08 GMT coocki
thank you hans55
Mar 20 2010 12:09 GMT coocki
thank you Annamaria for your words!
Mar 23 2010 17:39 GMT mbz
superb shot&view!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Mar 25 2010 08:35 GMT haftlis
Beautiful view !!!
Mar 25 2010 08:43 GMT coocki
thank you mbz
Mar 25 2010 08:43 GMT coocki
thank you haftlis