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Photo Competitions

Starting this month, we will be running regular photography competitions to give you the chance to show off your best photos and win some prizes. Happy snapping and best of luck! The Fotothing Team.

Current Competitions

Light and Dark

Closing Date : November 01 2008

Pair up with another Fotothinger, and take one light photo and one dark photo that complement or contrast.

Please read this fotothing forum post before entering.

Previous Winners

1st conorpatton2nd znacke3rd awoof

Faith is a strong force in the world. Capture a photo that sums up what faith means to you.

Three is the Magic Number
1st SamWiseWoahZay2nd abetiu20003rd megmet

Two isn't enough and four is too many. Good things come in threes. We're looking for the best three photos of three.

The Power of Nature
1st Jaimy2nd Details3rd Naufraga

We have all felt the power of nature. A blizzard, a bug bite, an earthquake, and that bird out your window that won't shut up when your trying to sleep in. Now, how will you choose to communicate it visually? Best of luck.

Long Forgotten
1st Zeem2nd Brane623rd Italiana

Abandoned, neglected, and forgotten are words that often describe the most interesting and thought provoking locations. We here at FT want you to get out and explore some forgotten history. This contest is as much about finding an appropriate location as it is about taking a proper photo. Research, explore, and have fun!

Cross Culture
1st VANILLAxxxTIGER2nd misterrie3rd Hamin

The objective of this competition is to explain an aspect of your native culture that outsiders often misinterpret. Lets face it, we are all naÔve about foreign places, cultures, and customs. It is about time we as a community made a wholehearted effort to learn about one another. Take this opportunity to show us where you come from and help educate the world.

The Year of the Rat
1st mqn2nd Fico3rd jett366

2008 has just begun, but the Year of the Rat is about to begin! The parameters of this contest are very broad. Here at FT we are looking for a photo that that captures the essence of Chinese New Year. That winning photo may focus on the Chinese zodiac, the celebration of the Year of the Rat, or even be a photo of you enjoying your favourite Chinese food. We believe in your creativity. Don't let us down!

Unexpected Love
1st znacke2nd Naufraga3rd mariazinha32

The most touching moments in our lives are often unexpected and come
from unusual places and circumstances. It is this unpredictability that
makes love magical. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to
visually communicate 'Unexpected Love.' Best of luck!

1st mersant2nd Beachcomber3rd mikeshihaz

A new year brings resolutions, new beginnings and a new abstract Photo competition, 'Discovery'.

"To find a new planet, to invent a new hinge, to find a way to make the lightning carry your messages. To be the first - that is the idea." - Mark Twain.

1st LuckyStrike2nd gafaway3rd zeba

The Orange Fotothing Logo has been getting a lot of attention in the forums lately :

Is the Fotothing Logo 'Tangerine orange', 'General Lee Orange' or 'My daughters hockey stock orange'? You got three weeks to decide.

1st Hfil2nd Italiana3rd Redtail

Running to catch the bus, getting ready for a big game or a daily ritual. How does luck play a part in your life? Do you look around and see people you think are lucky? Maybe you are lucky because of something in your life? Or superstitious perhaps? Fotothing challenges you to capture the role of luck in your life, or maybe, the lack there of. Luck can be traditional or sometimes it morphs into forms we would never expect. Go get lucky! ;)

Freezing Fun!
1st MCCCXIV2nd Seemolf3rd suzannesmash

As the seasons turn to winter everything becomes frozen in some way or another. How do you capture frozen? Is it emotional? Physical? A moment in time? Fotothing is ready to be chilled to the core, so freeze on!

1st drinu312nd justDaniel3rd photomom

November 5th is almost here ... Bonfire Night! Fotothing is launching a brand new competition and we want to see your pictures of Bonfire Night. Perhaps you could photograph you and your friends holding sparklers in the dark, the bonfire burning or some fireworks ... it's up to you!

Get Snap Happy this Autumn!
1st Madison1012nd jenylew3rd Suzannesmash

Fotothing is looking for photographs of autumn in all its dazzling glory.
If it's autumn wherever you are, and you're not afraid of exhibiting your work in front of the Fotothing international community, then please send us your pictures and you could be our winner.

Paranormal Photo Hoax Contest - Ghosts and UFOs
1st malavia20062nd Stuboy3rd OrganicPhoto

We've all seen the 'are they or aren't they' photographs of ghosts and UFOs. Well, now it's your turn to convince us at Fotothing that you have captured the paranormal and the unexplained.

Best Fancy-Dressed Pet Competition
1st Babyduck022nd Armywife94e3rd Ldhill62

As Halloween nears, itís time to get our fancy dress costumes out Ö but more and more of us are getting our pets into fancy dress costumes. Is your petís Halloween guise better than the rest? Are you ready to put you petís costume to the ultimate test?
If youíre up for competing with the worldís best fancy dressed pets then enter our latest competition today for your chance to win a fantastic prize.