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My wife just finished this blanket.
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 05 2013 12:59 GMT 25barb
No question who she roots for...lovely and such bright colorsd and every thing matches so nicely... and a great reflection in the headboard mirror...
Feb 05 2013 13:15 GMT Foggydew
Great piece of work/art!
Feb 05 2013 13:35 GMT junne PRO
some people would kill for this
Feb 05 2013 13:56 GMT clintonfolks
thank you very much barb.!!!
Feb 05 2013 13:57 GMT clintonfolks
thank you foggydew.!
Feb 05 2013 13:58 GMT clintonfolks
thank you very much junne.!!!
Feb 05 2013 14:03 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Great work - your wife is obviously very skillful with her hands.
And I've just looked up the San Francisco 49ers on Google!
Feb 05 2013 15:59 GMT wijnie58
WOW Great work from your wife, David..:-))
Feb 05 2013 17:29 GMT clintonfolks
thank you so much ForestSpirit. The 49ers lost to the Ravens Sunday in the super
bowl, did you watch?..
Feb 05 2013 17:30 GMT clintonfolks
thank you very much wijnie.!
Feb 05 2013 17:45 GMT sheasoru68
Lovely work on the cover and the photo,....hard luck on the 49rs,...they made some game of it though..
Feb 05 2013 22:16 GMT clintonfolks
thank you sheasoru... yes it was a good game..
Feb 06 2013 10:17 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
No, Dave, I'm afraid not! Like most people over here, I don't really know anything about American football, and I googled the team to see whether they were footballers or baseball players (another sport we don't follow in Britain).
Sorry your team lost though!
Feb 06 2013 10:37 GMT clintonfolks
thank you ForestSpirit.
Feb 06 2013 14:34 GMT hans55 PRO
very good work !! ... seems to me that your both are very creative !!
Feb 06 2013 18:58 GMT martini957
Awesome work
Feb 06 2013 23:37 GMT clintonfolks
thank you very much hans.!!
Feb 06 2013 23:37 GMT clintonfolks
thanks sis.!!
Feb 07 2013 08:15 GMT senna3
Very decorative, fantastic work!
Feb 07 2013 10:42 GMT clintonfolks
thank you senna.!
Feb 07 2013 21:01 GMT Myshots
She did a nice job! sorry to hear they didn't win the game....
Feb 07 2013 23:41 GMT clintonfolks
thank you so much Myshots...
Feb 08 2013 12:35 GMT Papagena
Another fantastic work of your wife David !! A chance she has enough patience to do it....
Feb 08 2013 13:29 GMT clintonfolks
thank you Ruth.. she has a lot of patience.
Feb 09 2013 13:54 GMT Bellavista
very big job your wife made! lost or win.... I will go to SF in April! :-))
Feb 09 2013 18:50 GMT clintonfolks
thank you Bellavista.. sf lost, have a safe and great time in SF..
Feb 09 2013 20:38 GMT annieann PRO
super wonderful work here
Feb 09 2013 20:53 GMT clintonfolks
thank you very much Annieann.!
Feb 10 2013 11:01 GMT clintonfolks
thank you very much hunju..
Feb 12 2013 02:59 GMT pauli3522
wow..she is very talent
Feb 12 2013 10:32 GMT clintonfolks
thank you very much pauli.!
Feb 13 2013 00:51 GMT gtc126
Beautiful, she has a great talent!!!!! But she did'nt pick the winner!!!!!!!!
Feb 13 2013 13:15 GMT clintonfolks
no SF lost .. thank you gct126..