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townscapes france meaux statues


Headless statue in Jardin Bossuet, Meaux.
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 28 2005 13:41 GMT PhotoPro PRO
What a wonderful find!
Sep 28 2005 14:42 GMT potterjo
Great view of beautiful statue. The wonderful find would be if you could find the head ;)
Sep 28 2005 15:29 GMT cleftref PRO
Well there are a few headless things around Meaux Cathedral - it was attacked by some Protestant iconoclasts back in the 17th century and they took the heads off the saints statues in and around the Cathedral as upcoming pictures will show.
Sep 28 2005 15:57 GMT JesterofAlba
My mother always said that if I did not have my head screwed on tight I would loose it some day.

Seriously this is a beautiful picture
Sep 28 2005 16:58 GMT Lensvision
People do the weirdest things when it comes to religion.
Sep 28 2005 17:13 GMT cleftref PRO
I'm afraid so.
Sep 29 2005 14:35 GMT Portasejanelas
Makes on wonder if she was beautiful or not.
Sep 29 2005 14:37 GMT Portasejanelas
Sorry!!! I realized just now it's a HE!!:((( Perhaps I was just so concerned with the missing head, I paid no attention to the obvious!!!
Oct 08 2005 15:33 GMT Polo
Interesting subject matter.